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    Lorry driver shortage

    If it was only the 1 load a day the haulier lost it would make sense to say f you and not do any work for that supermarket but a lot of firms are now doing 5 or 6 loads into and 5 or 6 loads back out the rdc. All adds up to a lot of work to find if u are blacklisted.
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    Lorry driver shortage

    Spoke to my mate and he was saying rdc is working 50% capacity. Lack of warehouse staff to tip the trucks so instead of say 10 getting tipped they are only doing 5 at any 1 time. 100+ bays in an rdc but only staff to manage a handful. There is plenty room in the rdc the hold up is with getting...
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    Lorry driver shortage

    I doubt the rdc would get charged. Hauliers just can't stick together and if they charged the rdc and got blacklisted they may loose work. If they were like Ray White and pulled their trucks out of rdc it may make a difference but they won't. They deliver to and reload from this rdc 10 trucks a...
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    Im moving to Orkney, 1st time small holder - Gimme that knowledge

    U should check transport costs via Aberdeen as well as Scrabster and Gills Bay. Northwards, streamline, macadie and reeve all offer a service to Orkney. Also u will find delivery to mainland only and a surcharge to Orkney. Anywhere north of Inverness can be extra so a delivery to say northwards...
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    Lorry driver shortage

    Do we really have a driver shortage. Speaking to a mate who delivers to rdc,s and he arrived at 6am for a 6.30 booking. Got told they are behind so a delay. 4pm he came out of there. By time he went back to depot his time was running out. He blames the foreign workforce that tipped the loads are...
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    Will hear if that's the case. Yes no matter how much of a hurry u are in its not a good idea to not secure a load. Plenty do it tho.
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    Prob closer to 30 ton in a crusher that size. Heard he was not going far so didn't chain it on. Hopefully that's only a rumour tho.
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    Large Sockets and Spanners

    Britool 1/2 drive sockets up to 30mm. Us pro / bergen 3/4 drive up to 50mm. Need a descent breaker bar yet. Often a bargain to be had in bills tool store in Glasgow. Ex mod. Snap on 1/2 drive bar for £20.
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    You won’t believe this

    You have to wonder in this situation. What would Clarkson do.?? Would make great TV that's for sure seeing him pull the p** out of some city dwellers who came to the country side for peace and quiet.
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    E10 fuel

    Heard E5 is still going to be available but will go up in price. Not sure if u can put additive into E10 to make octane higher. Used addative in unleaded before to make octane higher so as not to burn valves in an old engine we had.
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    36ft drawbar bale trailer

    Steering axles make a huge difference. Feed suppliers can get an artic in where an 8 wheeler could not. It follows a dream but never seen them on a farm trailer (yet)
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    Honda GX200 engine

    I know it shouldn't but for whatever reason if petrol is left turned on on certain Honda engines it leaks into oil. Seen a few do it. U can strip carb and renew parts but if u leave fuel on it does it again within a few months. Easier to get into the habit of turning fuel off.
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    Honda GX200 engine

    If petrol is not turned off it gets into sump. Drain oil put fresh oil in and run for 30 mins drain oil again and fresh oil in and always turn petrol off and no more problems.
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    Sediment bowl gasket required for an International 444

    Try Ian Dennison. If he does not have one he might know who would have one. 07774579609. Sourced many parts through him.
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    International Harvester serial number and engine numbers

    As far as I know the serial number is only on the plate riveted to side of gearbox. Engine number is on side of block under hyd pump. Hope that helps u. Ian Dennison from Lancaster is the man who would know for sure tho. Advertises in classic tractor with parts for Bradford built tractors.