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    Silage 2020

    Feeding hay and straw one side and making bales the other side Turn your cows out
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    Spring Grazing

    Lots of roughage in the first grass grazed in the year .no point in feeding lower value feed if you've got grass available to graze
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    Spring Grazing

    Why would anyone buffer with low value hay or worse still straw
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    All things Dairy

    Dry at last
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    All things Dairy

    Cows coming in for afternoon milking, lovely grazing conditions today
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    Pre wash needs to be 40 degreesfollowed by hot wash Hot water does 90% of the cleaning
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    Anyone Using Autowasher

    2 min which by that time temp has dropped from 85 to 60
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    Milking Parlour’s Upgrade Dilemma

    If someone offered me a dairy master parlour for free I wouldn't take it
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    Cow had abortion, now wont eat

    Get the vet to give her the full once over and that'll sort it
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    Another parlour output thread

    We've a 40/80 here for 2 men In spring when settling heifers in we start on maybe 16 units and as heifers settle and milk increases we move up to the full 40 for 3 ish months then drop back to maybe 24 units for last few weeks . We do this to prevent over milking as no acrs but it does slow down...
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    High yielding dry cow diet???🐄🤔

    What I've been told about dry cows is they need feed in front of them 24/7 and should never run out ,yet there's people on here letting them run out off feed for a few hours before being fed again
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    When is it acceptable to notify someone you won’t be in.

    RESPECT is the key word for employers and employees
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    Efficient milking

    We have a 48/80 and we're waiting for units in the spring
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    NMR IT issues

    Mainly down to cows and milking rather than bulk tank and parlour
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    How accurate is cell count recording?

    Below 200 no infection Above a million cow has mastitis and should be treated 200/1 million cows have infection but are fighting it and will self clear or will get full blown mastitis which will need treating In the past I've separated cows out the herd above 500 and scc has stayed the same

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