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    JD 40/50 series pick up hitch

    Note to self, not to follow multi power towing a trailer up Abercych hill.😀
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    combine flexible sealing strips

    Get hold of Alun, he’s the combine guru. Binder = baler, Thresher = combine👍
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    combine flexible sealing strips

    Give TAG Narberth a ring, they will get parts for your 952/955.
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    Combine Concave repair/buy new

    Remember the ram pins an elevator drive belt.👍
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    Would a JD814 header fit on a JD1085 Combine?

    Yes 814 will fit straight on, 816 would be better though.
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    Event is at Carew, Pembrokeshire.
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    Ride on mower ID

    Kramp and Granit do replacement Castlegarden decks.
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    JD Starter Motor

    9/16" spanner modified as above, it's a 3/8" UNC nut.
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    Jd2140 speedo

    Remove printed circuits from both left and right dash panels and re-solder the back of the pins that connect to the multi plugs. Two plugs on each printed circuit,12 or 16 pins on each connector, start here they will have cracked causing a dry joint.
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    6 r oil filler caps ,

    Should have said what oil are you using?
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    6 r oil filler caps ,

    What are you using? Change to JD Plus 50 ll, problem sorted. Had a few do this.
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    Restless leg

    I have burning feet, not hot to touch but burning feeling inside, any diagnosis?
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    John Deere seat

    Bracket is part of backrest, backrest can be bought seperatly.
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    Jd 6068 engine in 7930 -spurious parts?

    Can you not get the crankshaft reground?

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