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    8ft roller

    Sorted now but cheers!
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    Calf creep feeder & calf pen fronts

    Is creep still for sale?
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    Black lim bull wanted

    if a red lim would be an option, got plenty of nice young ones to choose from, derbyshire
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    Lim, blue or Bazadaise stock bull

    got some nice young limi bulls for sale, near buxton , message me if interested
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    Pedigree Limousin Bulls
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    How much water to put in roller

    Haha it holds!
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    How much water to put in roller

    Just bought a 10ft twose ballast roller, just wondering how much water I’ll need in it, going to roll the mowing fields that the cows pouched up at backend last year. It’s 900kg empty
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    Mf 5465 front axle knocking

    Recently changed the alternator on mine as it was running below voltage, after changing this the knock has gone, so I’m assuming it was something to do with whatever disengages 4wd that didn’t like running below it’s normal voltage!!!
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    Any rollers about

    Cheers will get back to you, was hoping for something abit cheaper really but we will See!
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    Any rollers about

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    Any rollers about

    Anyone know if anyone with a used 8 or 10 foot roller for sale Derbyshire area
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    8ft roller

    Still after an 8 or 10 ft roller near Derbyshire
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    8ft roller

    Wanted 8ft roller Derbyshire area
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    Classics Earning their keep.