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    Exmoor Dave getting married today !!

    Congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy marriage @exmoor dave and Jenny. :)
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    Iodine overdose

    Although this sounds more like some type of cold/flu do mention to the doctor that you have been handling strong navel iodine as iodine can have an effect on the thyroid and how the thyroid hormones are produced in the body.
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    Rubbish Dumping Does Anyone Care?

    When having to drive slowly along our main roads in winter it is horrifying how much rubbish has been thrown out of vehicle windows and, equally as disgraceful, caught by the wind and blown out of lorry backs/bins/skips etc.. It is all very well for people to cry at footage from Blue Planet...
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    The madness of “one size fits all “

    @Bald Rick I wish I could say something positive but there is nothing other than we have been there as well and understand how you are feeling esp the total frustration. Although a closed herd we knew for several years that it was gradually getting closer and closer until we went down as...
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    Interesting obituaries......

    Those quotes were brilliant but i also liked this one :ROFLMAO: In 1980, when she was created a life peer, she told Garter King of Arms that she wished to become Baroness Trumpington, after the Cambridge ward she had represented. But apparently the title belonged to somebody else. “Is there...
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    Dealing with depression - suicidal thoughts - Join the conversation (including helpline details)

    @Dangerous Dan have just caught up with this thread and saw your post. Ask for your blood test results if you want to know what they are testing for. You are entitled to a copy of any blood tests taken. There is a recommendation on the 'Health Unlocked' forums that you also need to test...
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    Acid Reflex

    This may also be of interest Link recently came up on a forum I follow and I thought it was interesting. For anyone thinking that low stomach acid is not possible
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    Acid Reflex

    Superdrug sell an ownbrand version of Tums and quite often have them on offer if that is any help also this
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    Establishing sweet cicely

    Made me smile so I looked up the growing instructions :) looks like it needs FYM and water (y) Garden care:Sow directly into a well-prepared seedbed in autumn, watering freely and thinning the plants to 25cm intervals as they...
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    Why aren't we talking about the male fertility crisis?

    Link to an article in the DT - On Wednesday, as part of Fertility Network UK’s #YouAreNotAlone Fertility Week, the charity will focus specifically on men: reminding us that while male infertility is as...
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    how do i fill in online banking form?

    @startinghandle look into this very carefully and take independent advice before you do anything. There are a lot of 'boiler room' operations who try to remove you from your money very fast and very efficiently. They are no better than the Nigerian scammers etc. Look up the name of the...
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    finding working trousers that fit a 13yr old boy

    or Mountain Warehouse, Sports Direct or similar.
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    Tb in cumbria
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    Tb in cumbria

    Half year figures 2017 for Cumbria, Lancashire etc with details of breakdowns etc.
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    bTB Spread, according to Sunday Times mainly by cattle movement.

    @matthew will have further information from the tb blog This PDF is the 2013 figures. It gives enough facts and figures to keep anybody happy on a rainy afternoon but probably too much information for anyone not wanting to look at solid facts and figures...

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