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    Claas 2800 oil pipe repair

    Think I should check mine tomorrow 😱
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    Class Arion users - any good?

    Really? Why's that
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    New toy day

    First proper run with the new dribble bar
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    Grammer air seat problem

    Jmc parts in Ireland. Will post anywhere
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    MF 7718 vs 6718

    6cyl would be my choice
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    Massey 6480 cab fan blower

    Seems to
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    Removing stubborn dirt from wheels

    G101 and elbow grease
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    Massey 6480 cab fan blower

  9. James

    Massey 6480 cab fan blower

    Mine blows when you turn it on but the speed doesn't increase when you turn the switch. After a while the blowing virtually stops. Any ideas?
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    The Demo Thread

    How does the 720 compare to the likes of a mf 7618 dyna6 in pulling power
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    Class Arion users - any good?

    Like what?
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    New toy day

    Several years ago I looked at vario tractors. A vario claas was more expensive than the equivalent fendt. Nice cab interior though
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    Massey cool box /fridge spring

    Both still broke on my 7618 😂 On the 5713 one broke just opening one morning. On the plus side my 57 plate 6480 still has both
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    New toy day

    The 7720 vt I had for a couple of days had a ball of power. You are right about the 6485 though.
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    MF front pto

    Front pto to suit 7618 tia