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    X35 screen optional mmi buttons

    We can help you with that. Website is getting revamped currently but you can reach out to us off the website contact us and look for PN 1005089-01
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    Dinosaur wanting advice on GPS

    If you are not doing any land leveling or tiling and just need the RTK for horizontal accuracy, i would recommend a trimble GFX-750 (or 350) with a Nav-900 and Centerpoint RTX Standard. The convergence time for satellites is under 15 mins and only requires an intermediate accuracy license...
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    Trimble GFX-350/XCN-750 camera or cable

    I believe you will need both cables in order to run the camera: 114078 accessory cable and the 67259 power bus cable:
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    Trimble 350

    yes. there is auto brightness/dimness setting in main settings on display home screen or you can swipe down from the top of the display and there is a slider bar for brightness
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    Remote engage foot switch Trimble Ez Steer wiring diagram

    You mentioned EZ-Steer... that one goes into the t2 controller directly
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    Remote engage foot switch Trimble Ez Steer wiring diagram

    The ones we get from trimble are a expensive but you can buy the one for the Autopilot that comes with just the pins on it and then you can get your own connectors. $69.95 USD The expensive part...
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    Trimble nav 500

    we always have new ones... the used ones go quick but we get people once in a while trading in to go to nav-900
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    Coverage Switch

    Yes, There are options out there. We use either a rocker switch option or the lift switch option with a whisker switch that would turn coverage on and off...
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    Cnh trimble auto steer

    Was the angle sensor a case manufactured one? if so, Trimble Autosense has fixed issues like this before when Case sensors could not.
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    GPS system

    The very newest NH tractors have the ability to allow the Nav-900 (with GFX-350/750) to plug into the CAN system of the tractor. This bypasses the need for the legacy NAVIII controller that is need for vehicles without that CAN plug in. The NAVIII has a valve driver for hydraulic control and...
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    Trimble modems wanted

    The DCM 300 is 3G capable... I would suggest looking into the newer 4G modems as the 3G networks are systematically being shut down... or at least that is what the powers that be say they are doing. The GX450 and the RV55 will work for RTK cell corrections (VRS/NTRIP) and the SNM941 will do RTK...
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    GPS system

    The 350s are fairly new so only get them sparingly on trade ups to 750s... i dont expect a lot of used ones out there for another 6 months or so
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    Budget Retrofit RTK autosteer

    For steering i would normally recommend the Trimble GFX-750 with EZ-Pilot pro but because you said you need implement guidance you would need to upgrade to the TMX-2050. You can choose EZ-Pilot (electric steering), or install hydraulic Autopilot system. If you could start with steering and...
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    GPS system

    I assume you are looking for 15 cm or under in terms of accuracy. The Nav-900 antenna with a GFX-350 or GFX-750 would be a good start. You can upgrade accuracy with rangepoint RTX or Centerpoint RTX for 15 cm or less and 2.5 cm or less. Steering wise, the EZ-Pilot would be what id recommend...