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    Kevs diary

    Sooo satisfying when they start to run straight away 👌
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    New drying shed/grain store design

    Have you built this yet? if so any chance of seeing some pics please?
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    SUMO DTS and straw

    Damp conditions don’t help, the drier the straw the better. Also long stubble and chopped straw don’t mix! If chopping keep the stubble about 4-6” high. Also if possible drill the headlands first because when you come to the ends always dropping straw off, is what blocks on the last couple of...
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    Kevs diary

    Bit like trees, you cut them down then chop them up
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    Kevs diary

    The underside, as it’s the most direct route. 😉
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    Claas dominator 106 settings

    Have you got the disawner plates in? Also check that you haven’t got any holes in the concave, or a couple of wires missing. How much are you putting through the returns?
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    So what can we expect and when?

    They will all be too hungry and fighting wars over food to worry about climate change by then!
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    sumo trio 3

    They take some lifting as well as pulling, also remember a 2.5m sumo is wider than most 5f ploughs so you’ll be covering more ground, and they rely on a constant speed to do the job, you want to maintain it uphill and down dale.
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    Combine for 250 acre

    Vista cab?
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    Some will still try!
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    Kevs diary

    Lovely looking digger, how are you liking it?
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    Law Denis D101 grain cleaner

    Give these guys a call, they should be able to help you, ask for Roy.
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    Hail storms

    I think a lot of non farming people that have watched Clarkson’s Farm now have a much bigger understanding of the trials and tribulations we encounter. I’ve had lots saying to me, they never realised it really was such a tight margin, or had no idea the weather had such a bearing on farming, and...
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    machines that never caught on

    Once saw a subsoiler in a dealers yard with walking legs, as in there was a crankshaft idea making the legs pivot back and forth as it was being pulled, as only pulling the legs that were being thrust forward at the time before they went back and the others came forward, dealer said the idea was...
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    Straw in the swath, auction results 2021

    Don’t want to, I think you mean.