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    Trailed forage harvesters

    Would the 6470 not be the tractor to use anyway ? Possibly 30 hp stronger ?
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    Zetor 105 power used buy

    Tom Poole in Rosenallis Co Laois. A very knowledgeable man with years of experience on Zetors. Whereabouts are you located? Sorry I see Cork. My tractor was sold new by Cyril O Sullivan , outside Mitchelstown . I have met him , as he would be friendly with Tom . Cyril also sold a neighbour of...
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    Zetor 105 power used buy

    I am not sure whether a 105 power is what was a Forterra 10641 /10540 in the previous 2 ranges before the 105 , or what was a proxima , with the cranked back axle . I have a 06 Forterra 10641 with 6100 hours . Very happy with it . All I have put on it since I bought it with 4750 hrs are 4...
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    Tell me about it … I could have brought the last 3 acres in as quickly using the wheelbarrow. Admittedly we had a thunder shower at that time . So grass was wet and heavy . But it was 7 pm , and the help would be gone that night . My spout has worn through on the left hand corner , had a bit of...
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    Definitely. What is the thinking on the piece of steel on the side/bottom of spout ? Strength or draught ? Have you rebuilt the spout or chute ?
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    Fiat 880 DT 5

    Not on topic I suppose. On a Zetor 10641 , you can get 1000 on 540 shaft by filling the hole in the end of the shaft flush. I use part of a grease gun nozzle . However , on a 12145 Zetor , I use a bolt cut off possibly 20 mm from the head . As in you need the head of the bolt on the end of...
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    Bergmann machinery

    Henry Whiteford . Durrow , Co Laois . Trading as HLR Machinery .
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    Crankshaft oil seal leak

    I have used Lucas Oil Condioner for this problem . Drain the oil from the engine . Put in the litre of Lucas , and then bring up to the mark with ordinary engine oil . It stopped the leak . I think it's American , and available in a lot of motor factors . Worth a shot . Hell of a lot easier...
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    Algal growth in water troughs

    I use a scoopful of cubicle.lime in the troughs here. Works well , costs nothing , and it's safe .
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    What’s my tractor worth?

    6 ? Anyone can have 1 .:) What are the 6 ? All classics ? That's a grand little tractor . You will regret selling it .
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    As in wondering Any ideas what the implement on the back of the Nuffield is ? :scratchhead:
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    Ford 4600 2wd to 4wd conversion?

    Welcome to the other side , Mark :) I have met Mark , and his Pre Force . An absolute beauty . He doesent shy back in his restorations. There is , or was , a county 4600 2 miles away from me. Last time I saw it could be 8 years ago , and it was permanently attached to a Keenan 100. He bought it...
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    Decent Brushcutter/Strimmer

    I have an EFCO straight shaft 53 cc since 1999 . Bought as an new old stock machine . For good discount . Serious brute of a machine . Might take 7 or 8 pulls after the winter , but normally goes on 2 or 3 . Heavy if used for the day , but work rate makes it worth it .
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    Ford ten series

    As @Vincent has said , part of the Midas group , which I think may have some sort of connection to Continental. I saw the first Cultors 2 maybe 3 years ago. My local tyre place , who also wholesale tyres have taken on the distribution of them for the Rep of Ireland . Big push on them . Whereas...
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    Best angle grinder cutting discs

    Same here.

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