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    MF 220 digger slew actuator seals.

    I didn't delve into its innards. I know nothing about the major working parts. Mine was working perfectly , just leaking around the centre shaft .
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    MF 220 digger slew actuator seals.

    I have a 220 back actor on an MF 50 . It must be 15 years ago that it started leaking oil out of the top of the slew motor , where the outside "pot " turns . I asked an MF expert , eg a man who had a similar machine for years . He told me that what happens is , Dirt get down into that round...
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    Drag chopper pictures

    Nice clean harvester. It might bigger like mine , when it gets older. I only put the extension into the spout this year . I took it out of an old FCT 110 that I used previously.
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    Drag chopper pictures

    It is an 850 . Bought a shook 900 for parts a few weeks ago , that had had a new chute fitted at some stage . Hence 900. Wouldnt mind the 6 ft pick up from 900 , as opposed to 5 ft on 850 , especially as this year i got a contractor to mow for me , and his 2018 Krone 10 ft moco leaves a wide...
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    Mole grips. Recommendations

    Yes and yes, on your 2 choices . I have a 10 inch King Tony "vice grips" for several years . Very pleased with it , but doesn't "sit " that nicely in the palm of your hand , is only slight criticism. I also have another 10 inch , that I bought in ALDI at least 10 years ago , as part of a set of...
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    Fendt TS 80 Backhoe

    Could you post them here ? I have never seen or even heard of one. Where are the ones that you know of in Ireland ?
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    Extremely tidy . Unusual to find as straight, and rust free. Well may you wear . H pattern ? An elderly uncle of mine bought an ex Bord Na Mona ( Semi state body , involved in peat harvesting ), 4610 at one of their auctions 3 years ago . Perky handy tractor .
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    1970s 6 cylinder

    Fiat 850/ 1000 ,1300 were 1970s.
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    Battery type for 50b please!

    663 is what I use . Decent kick . Most places stopped stocking 643s , which are lower power , and 2 inches lower. A waste of money , except for a 135 .
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    "Thank you " doesn't buy much :rolleyes:
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    I haven't had any problems . Lea needs to be ploghed early . Are you available to do similar size plots ?? 2 hours each way ...:unsure:
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    Whats the worst tractor of all time?

    My father bought a new Ford 5600 , delivered on the 26th of February 1976. Ford cab , or Fieco more correctly . A neighbour bought a tractor the exact same , but different dealer mid November 1975 . 1 st 600 series that I either saw or heard tell of. Another neighbour bought a new 2600 very late...
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    I have a patch ploughed for potatoes myself , 2nd lea. It was ploughed from grass last year possibly 1st week of May . I sprayed them for weeds just at/before emergence . Grass is starting in it again , but the spray will deal with that . I was half sorry that I didn't spread dung , and...
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    Hydraulic ram dissasembly

    I have a 1971 MF 50 digger loader for 23 years. I think the 50 came out around 69 and was superceded by the 50B in 72 ish. Is this the same ram as the one in my photo ? About 2 years ago the seal in one tilt ram failed . Not leaking outward, but sinking constantly. I took it our local...
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    Fendt TS 80 Backhoe

    Looks to have been very well minded. Has it 2 dipper rams ?? Maybe it's a shadow ?

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