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    Brexit machinery prices

    As the BREXIT negotiations flounder on, the pound will probably weaken further (last weeks interest rate rise was probably aimed at strengthening the pound) so I am afraid machinery prices will increase. Some products we import have gone up by 20% since the BREXIT vote and we have had to absorb...
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    Spring wheat

    We see it every year, and usually have to apply two insecticides so as to hit the larvae infecting the forming ear. It's a bit hit and miss but none of the seed treatments available can be used on spring wheat.
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    Spring wheat

    Nobody has mentioned gout fly. It can decimate a crop cutting the yield to less than 1 ton/ha. We have been growing Spring wheat for a number of years and the yield is very variable (from 7.5 tons/ha down to less than a ton) It always gets ergot no matter where it is grown in the rotation. We...
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    How late is acceptable?

    Very soon on their phones if they turn up in the yard and there is nobody there to load them....
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    LAMMA moving to NEC from 2019

    Excellent news, just what the industry needs post Brexit. I am sure the location will attract more visitors as it is far more accessible to a greater number of farmers. As an exhibitor I cannot see any negatives.
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    How about this for soil building

    I think we just about got away with ploughing up until the mid sixties because we were only turning over the soil to the depth of 4 -6 inches as that is all the MF 35/65's could manage. It's when we got tractors over 100 hp with four wheel drive that we could really start to do some damage...
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    is growing soya the way forward??

    It's a crop we are really interested in growing, but I am not convinced we get enough sunshine in Worcestershire to ripen them. There have been some quite successful crops grown in Herefordshire but they have been on grade 2 free-draining land where they can get on early...
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    country file

    It would be interesting to know what they yielded. If they were anything like our spring beans I would have thought about 5 cwt/acre...which would have just about covered the seed cost.
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    If you want glyphosate sprayed on the crops you eat.....ban glyphosate

    We used to plant our winter barley by mid September ( in the days before BG) it was a foot high by Christmas and it was cut by mid July at the latest, OSR last week in July and wheat first week in August, with the beans coming in at August bank holiday. Now it's all gone to pot due to changes in...
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    Latest drilling date for Mascani oats

    Planted them as late as March and they have been fine.
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    How is your 2017 linseed combining ?

    Got ours combined eventually, but came in at 12-13%mc. Tried to dry it with our CF dryer, but if we got sufficient air flow it was sucked off the laterals and went out through the fan. So it has ended up going to a local store where they will probably crucify us with drying costs. Linseed is a...
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    What will the no tillers do ?

    No fear York I have no plans to get the plough out at present... It's that I have got time on my hands as I am in bed with pneumonia and I have been looking for things to read up on...
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    What will the no tillers do ?

    I am just wondering if residual glyphosate on some of our field is the reason why we are seeing productivity falling away. I was attributing it to poor soil nutrient status after 5 years or more of intensive glyphosate usage to control BG....Just been looking at some second hand ploughs in...
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    Things that waste your time

    It's a good old country post office about three miles from Malvern
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    Things that waste your time

    Or getting behind the "eBay" trader with 16 parcels he wants a postage quotes for .... and he was behind the pensioner who has just been done for speeding and is going on a speed awareness course which requires paper work to be sent by special delivery and you have to hear all about his crime...