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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Who is that from?
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    Charlock in OSR

    Hello, I am growing OSR this year on some ground that has had problems with charlock in the past. Apart from growing a Clearfield variety I wondered whether any one had some tips on how to control it, such as a weed wiper. Thanks Jim
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    grazing winter wheat

    Looks good. When did you drill this? Would you graze Nov/Dec if it was September drilled?
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    Intercropping linseed and winter beans

    That solved that problem. I didn't think about combine separation. Thank you for your help
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    Intercropping linseed and winter beans

    Hi, Some of my winter beans haven't weathered the winter very well and I've got a few bare spots appeared. I was thinking of ripping up some of it the other day, but now they improved a bit and with the dry weather I am worried that putting the linseed in might end up leaving me with nothing...
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    Weeding crops with a Harrow

    The question is have the results been good enough for you to go and part with some money for a harrow? If so which one? Did you come across the Einbock rotation?
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    Permanent clover understory

    We broadcasted our white clover with the slug pelleter whilst rolling the osr in last autumn. Clover did fine, osr failed. Used glyphosate (2l/ha I think) pre drilling, drilled zyatt 1st week in October with the mzuri. I think the wheat rate should possible be increased. How do you think...
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    JCB 530-70 continuous hydraulic flow

    @max2510 , was it fairly easy to do? Was thinking about putting it with the line of switches below the radio.
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    JCB 530-70 continuous hydraulic flow

    It has a free flow return which is the easy bit to put it back in the tank. I can check the flow, but it should be sufficient it's not a very big crane. It will just go a bit slower I am thinking I could take the wire out of the joystick and install a switch parallel in the circuit. Thoughts.
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    JCB 530-70 continuous hydraulic flow

    Hello, I have a JCB 530-70 ' 03plate and I want to put a timber trailer on it, so I can pick up and move wood around the yard. However to operate the spools you need to press and hold a button. I would like to have a continuous flow so I can operate the timber trailer out on the platform. I...
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    Clover understorey trial

    How did you establish that @jack6480 and when?
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    which legume?

    Well it would be interesting to see a trial vs a control plot. It would probably fix some, but unsure on the economics. Putting in a cheap catch of oats, mustard or rye would catch the excess N and release when terminated in the spring as it would have a low C:N ratio meaning lots of available...
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    which legume?

    I wouldn't have thought you would have gained much from a legume as it wouldn't be in long enough to fix any N. (Assuming that's what you are after.)
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    How early can you drill winter wheat?

    It's called thinking outside the box! There is a method of growing wheat called the Bonfil method, created by Marc Bonfil, there is a Japanese chap who's name escapes me at present who also did it. The idea is that you plant early, creating large plants which tiller loads and being in the soil...
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    How early can you drill winter wheat?

    Can you graze Bydv out of wheat or does it go through the roots too? Grazing pre winter must get rid of all foliar diseases?