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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Where did you get that from?
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    N fert timing dry spring

    ECMWF. I was mainly referring to the south though.
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    N fert timing dry spring

    Hello, I am curious if anyone started applying N to wheat with the forecast of a dry spring?
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    KRM spreaders

    I am in the same position. Comparing it to an Amazon and Kuhn.
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Who is that from?
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    Charlock in OSR

    Hello, I am growing OSR this year on some ground that has had problems with charlock in the past. Apart from growing a Clearfield variety I wondered whether any one had some tips on how to control it, such as a weed wiper. Thanks Jim
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    grazing winter wheat

    Looks good. When did you drill this? Would you graze Nov/Dec if it was September drilled?
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    Intercropping linseed and winter beans

    That solved that problem. I didn't think about combine separation. Thank you for your help
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    Intercropping linseed and winter beans

    Hi, Some of my winter beans haven't weathered the winter very well and I've got a few bare spots appeared. I was thinking of ripping up some of it the other day, but now they improved a bit and with the dry weather I am worried that putting the linseed in might end up leaving me with nothing...
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    Weeding crops with a Harrow

    The question is have the results been good enough for you to go and part with some money for a harrow? If so which one? Did you come across the Einbock rotation?
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    Permanent clover understory

    We broadcasted our white clover with the slug pelleter whilst rolling the osr in last autumn. Clover did fine, osr failed. Used glyphosate (2l/ha I think) pre drilling, drilled zyatt 1st week in October with the mzuri. I think the wheat rate should possible be increased. How do you think...
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    JCB 530-70 continuous hydraulic flow

    @max2510 , was it fairly easy to do? Was thinking about putting it with the line of switches below the radio.
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    JCB 530-70 continuous hydraulic flow

    It has a free flow return which is the easy bit to put it back in the tank. I can check the flow, but it should be sufficient it's not a very big crane. It will just go a bit slower I am thinking I could take the wire out of the joystick and install a switch parallel in the circuit. Thoughts.
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    JCB 530-70 continuous hydraulic flow

    Hello, I have a JCB 530-70 ' 03plate and I want to put a timber trailer on it, so I can pick up and move wood around the yard. However to operate the spools you need to press and hold a button. I would like to have a continuous flow so I can operate the timber trailer out on the platform. I...
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    Clover understorey trial

    How did you establish that @jack6480 and when?