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    Mastitis: drying off quarters

    Apologies,I'm going to sound like an arse now ,but bear with me Your not milking a big number of cows , and correct me if I'm wrong but your out grazing full time 4 cases of mastitis on your number of cows out at grass is pretty high in my opinion Yes I would be stopping milking a quarter if...
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    Sorting gate ideas

    Keep them single file as they leave the parlour and have sort gate close so they don't have chance to baulk at gate and turn around Is this an auto gate or manual ?
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    Life after cows

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    Disastrous scanning what would you do?

    This We scan as close to 30 days post bulls out as possible If we were to breed for more than 12 weeks we would scan mid way through
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    Life after cows

    Spent less than the cost of 1 robot in a parlour that milks 200 in less than 2 hours We are flying and spend 6 hours a day max doing necessary stuff There are ways of dairy farming and having a life
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    Water heater

    Have you a hot water heater for tank wash Use that one and do one hot wash a week or month
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    Cubicle hand scraper

    Bog standard curved scraper Infuriates me that she can't adjust her toplink to prevent uneven wear Wydale make a moulded plastic one with fixed rubber blade , seems a bit wasteful to not be able to replace it
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    Pasteurising milk for sale

    Our local eho comes in once a month , purchases a bottle of milk and sends it off to porton down ( yes that porton down 🤔) for phosphotase, e.coli tests etc Shame the report comes back most times saying insufficient transport conditions due to being packaged with raw fish and meat products 😯...
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    Bottom fill float valves

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    Noisy Parlour

    16 units here with one pump New parlour is 20 units, and will be on same pump
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    All things Dairy

    Small? It's a 3 stepper
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    Autumn calving?

    Genuine run arounds get back in calf as well if not better Trying to shorten anything over a 12 week block will mean trying to get low dim cows back in calf resulting in more empties more run arounds and several years of this Blocking up in one year just means adjusting feed rate and maybe...
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    Autumn calving?

    Oh, fat friesians Run arounds might be waddle rounds 🙈
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    Autumn calving?

    12 week block, create it in one hit, run arounds will be fine
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    LIC CellSense/Saber SCC - Any good?

    We are having milktec acrs in our new parlour, they apparently have developed a scc detector that works off of the laser/infra red sensors that also do milk yield and acr control