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    TFF Parkrun Fiends...............

    Rained off parkrun this morning due to storm Dennis, got a 10k trail run this afternoon o_O , should be fun.
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    Pa1 pa2

    The original cert's used to cover pretty much everything but FA seem to be unhappy with them these days.
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    White House farm

    To be fair the guy playing the Welsh copper could have been done for impersonating a Welshman, his accent was terrible. :rolleyes::eek:
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    Reekie reliance 500 destoner problems

    One other thing is the micro-switches in the box can stick which means that the spool stays open, its usually the steering or something visible but if its say the share down switch you might not notice.
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    Reekie reliance 500 destoner problems

    Has it got the rod sticking out towards the cab to alter cross conveyor speed?
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    Reekie reliance 500 destoner problems

    Are the pipes on the wrong way round? Try listening for the solenoids working on the machine (clicking noise) with the engine off. Just a thought, has someone speeded up the cross conveyor? it will rob all the oil even when switched off.
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    Kuhn or KRM spreader?

    It's supposed to be all singing all dancing with variable rate and stuff, agitators is a word i hear mentioned a lot, it also seems to be very rusty underneath at only 3 years old.
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    Kuhn or KRM spreader?

    My contractor has a Kuhn, every time i ring him it seems to be broken.
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    What makes you nervous?

    My wife being nice to me.
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    Ride On Mower

    We bought Kubota G21 last year, 300 odd hrs, cost 5k, we use it on our cl as it collects the grass, caravanners dont like having clippings carried into the vans on their feet.
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    Neutralising diesel.

    Oh sh!t thats bad. I can remember seeing pictures of a golf course where the greenskeeper had put roundup in the sprayer tank by mistake then sprayed the fairways, that was pretty grim too.
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    Neutralising diesel.

    Some league's wont allow artificial wickets but it might help you out if it was allowed.
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    Neutralising diesel.

    Bugger 😢, can you make a new strip either side of the existing square to keep you going? I dont know what sort of track you would get re turfing it, might be like bowling on a sponge.
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    Neutralising diesel.

    We've had the odd spill on the wicket when people have run the roller out, it always seems to grow back ok. Lots of water (rain) might wash it in enough to get some seed to grow.
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    So who is supplying module plants to small growers now?

    Not mine, but for sale if anyone is interested.

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