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    Are Red back boots worth the money?

    I've had mine over a year now and still sound, the only downside is they let water straight in even when new.
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    Today at work

    8mm in the gauge first thing plus maybe a couple more during the morning.
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    I think liquid is a different bottle to vapour.
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    I've got a manifold for 5 bottles, it would do 6 if repaired, bit far though.
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    TFF Parkrun Fiends...............

    Wales returns tomorrow, forecast is grim, but what the heck.:)
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    TFF Parkrun Fiends...............

    Looks like we have to wait another 2 weeks in Wales.:cautious:
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    Air seat base?

    Are the ones sold by Agriline any good? got a tractor in need of a new base and dont fancy spending £600 on a genuine Grammer for a tractor that's only doing a couple of hundred hrs a year.
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    Best belts?

    Glyn Mathry.
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    Sending something to the States?

    It looks like I've got to send the inverter for my wind turbine back to America for repairs, it's 70cm x 60cm x 25cm approx and I'm guessing about 100kg, anybody got any recomendations for carriers?
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    Bergey inverters?

    Looks like the inverter has to go back to the US for repair, anybody got experience of shipping this sort of thing?
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    Cancel your NFU membership now

    Just cancelled my DD, very sad.:(
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    Combine curse continues

    @RmfJ should we point Alun in the direction of this?
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    TFF Parkrun Fiends...............

    Any of you lucky people in England running tomorrow?
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    what grinds your gears

    Covid, our local council hired extra vans so that people didn't have to travel together.
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    Winter Barley yields 2021

    And we’re off.