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    TFF Parkrun Fiends...............

    Looks like its all off again. :cry:
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    TFF Parkrun Fiends...............

    I hope you are wrong, but I fear you are right. I'm getting bored of doing the same run round our local roads, it will be nice to get back to having a bit of company.
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    TFF Parkrun Fiends...............

    Would it come under organised team sport? :rolleyes:
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    West wales

    Devils Bridge is pretty spectacular.
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    West wales

    Where are you roughly?
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    400/60×15.5 wheel assembly

    @Terry Elsey Tyres
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    National parks can be a bit snotty about farmers opening up fields for parking, bloody ridiculous if they come then they have to park somewhere.
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    Diablo rollers on potato harvesters

    Someone selling a pile of ransomes digger bits on ebay atm.
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    Diablo rollers on potato harvesters

    You used to be able to get a wheel kit for depth control, leave the diablos on just to help the feed then.
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    Claydon drill.

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    Claydon drill.

    There was one in Farmers Guide a few months ago, don't know if it sold though.
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    Potato haulm topper

    How much would a new 2 row topper be these days roughly?
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    Tool deals/ workshop consumables sticky

    Any recomendations for new angle grinders? looking for a new 9" and a 5", not cordless.
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    Kubota ride on mower?

    PTO belts at the front of the engine go on our G17 and G21 quite regularly, yesterday in fact :rolleyes: , get them off ebay, genuine belts are silly money. If the tensioner pulley on the pto belts is not running super smooth it will smoke the belts pdq.
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    Subsidised dining out , thanks Boris .

    Places round here not taking part as their rammed full as it is.

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