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    Badshot grain store extension by @bobgreen

    Hi, yes we have the flashings in the yard. As you say we have a few hundred ££ of flashings but I believe you have a few thousand £££ of final payment due. Will pm you now to get it sorted.
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    Badshot grain store extension by @bobgreen

    Looking at the pics I would guess 5m to eaves and 6.2m apex ?
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    Concrete panels

    @Unbrako precast but it may be a bit late now.
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    VAT on a farm let unit/building

    Yes. we pay VAT on the unit we rent which was once a converted farm building.
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    The Evil That Is Buy to Let

    But if you were earning £27000 you wouldn't even get in the door of the bank looking for a £423000 mortgage even if you had your £27000 deposit in tow. In reality you would need £25000 to buy a £150000 house and then you are pushing the bank to over 4x salary for the mortgage. Its all madness...
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    Bargain Kit shed 40x180

    Sorry missed that one. The 'from' prices are just steel frames, so columns, rafters and wind bracing. on a 30ft span we would be 203x102ub columns and rafters and 88.9dia chs wing bracing to roof and sides. Thanks Jack
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    Bargain Kit shed 40x180

    Sorry this one is now with its new owner. We can probably put another together for you for a similar price. This one had a canopy added for £2k
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    Sheep Building

    ballpark figure £6 per sq ft. Plus groundwork plus concrete panels. Erected
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    steel sheet house roof - how is it done?

    Whats your height restriction with composite? You would probably be looking at 120mm+ to meet u/values for a house. You could build it like a chicken shed, fit purlins between the rafters, underline these with ply or maybe foil-backed boarding, Rockwool the rafter viod, then put a tin sheet on top.
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    steel sheet house roof - how is it done?

    You can use tile effect insulated roof sheeting, and fix it just like you do on a barn. Richards castle Village hall is done just like this. But no reason to use tile effect if you don't want to.
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    Farmer Income Diversification.

    £20k would be on its way to your pocket if you had taken my advise.... if only i have the guts and funds to do that.
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    Farmer Income Diversification.

    If your happy risking 40k to gain 8k then just stick it in this and make 20k in 90mins....
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    Dutch Barn

    Hi Joe. Ballpark figure would be around £20k. As a kit building. Erection seems to vary in each area so is anywhere from £1.30-£1-80 per sq ft.
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    Bargain Kit shed 40x180

    Thankfully our sheds are special...