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    Any one else got lots of aphids?
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    Is there a app for marking stuff in fields

    Looking for a quick app for marking things like wild oats in fields. Any one using anything decent on a phone? cheers john
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    Idiots guide to Milwaukee.....

    Probably better that way then can get the pole saw for it as well
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    Idiots guide to Milwaukee.....

    Is the one with the motor on the head better or the one with the motor in handle end?
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    Idiots guide to Milwaukee.....

    Anyone got the Milwaukee strimmer, is it any good?
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    Challow drying floor 5160sqft. Stirrer. Tunnel. Fans. OXON

    I’d be interested in the stirrers if you want to split?
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    Rtk base station license

    Anyone know what license I need from ofcom for a rtk base station? Seems a lot of options on the website. cheers john
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    Topcon AGI-4 upgrade to RTK

    Anyone know what a new agi4 with rtk. Costs new?
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    Topcon rtk receiver

    Message sent
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    GPS anyway to tell if it’s stolen

    Looking at a used receiver on eBay, would there be anyway to see if it’s stolen?
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    Topcon rtk receiver

    Just seeing if there is anyone with a used topcon rtk receiver for sale.
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    Automatic clay pigeon trap

    Anyone got a auto clay pigeon trap sitting in the barn that they don’t use? My 12 year old has started shooting and is mad keen. cheers john
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    Spring wheat seed rate

    Drilled some tues/weds 200kg/ha Cochise
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    Cat Challenger MT765B

    Very noisy in the cab very clunky and wouldn’t pull the twin leg very well. Plenty of power but couldn’t put it down very well.
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    Wanted lister grain fan

    Sorted now, thank you