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    Oh my god could thingsgetanyworse at Cambridge United. Beaten 4 nil at home by the bottom of the league chavs Stevenage. We are in serious trouble, heads should be rolling from the top to the bottom
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    isuzu d max service surprise

    Just sent my 2017 dmax for a 36000 ml service. Wanted to do it myself but they told me you have to plug it in to reset something to do with the fuel and particulate filter or it over fuels and fills sump with fuel. Can’t find anything on the internet about it, are they pulling my leg? Seems...
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    John Deere 8370rt

    the cab is a million times better than the 765c, that cab was terrible
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    John Deere 8370rt

    I’ve got a 2014 8370rt brought as ex demo machine. It replaced a 765c.. so far it’s been a much better machine both to drive and reliability.
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    oh well at least Cambridge won there last game of the year. Just hope we get to watch some better football next year.
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    Big outfit sale

    Seems a lot of stuff didn’t sell looking at website
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    Just got back from Cambridge, have missed the last few games due to clashing with shooting. But they have been useless with only 1 shot in four games. But today played well and a win 1-0 against Plymouth, happy days. Really keen away fans brought 800 today.
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    Planting spring wheat with ergot in it

    Going to be planting spring wheat off the heap. It’s got some ergot in it should I get it cleaned or nothing to worry about? Only the second year we have grown it so no idea. cheers
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    Do you let your young children on the tractor?

    My lad loves coming out. Doesn’t come out as much now prefers playing football
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    Midlands Machinery Show

    I went today had some people I wanted to see. Gets a bit bigger each year. You could also go to Agrilinc as they have an open day as well.
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    Grain color sorter

    Thanks I was really looking to see what a small one would cost or if anyone had one.
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    Grain color sorter

    Is there or has anyone got a small Color sorter for on farm use as oppose to going to cam grain or someone similar? Wondering if they are available.
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    Tine drill

    Thanks for the replies but I think the ship has sailed for drilling this Autumn.
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    Drilling anyone?

    Looks to be going well. After last night rain I’ve come to the conclusion we are not going to have any ww this year
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    Tine drill

    Thanks, but looking for 6m plus really. When will it be the in, any pictures?

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