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    MF675 PTO won't stop

    Yes or the plates in the clutch pack have warped ,leading to drag that the brake can't overcome.
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    Rotovator recommendations

    I did say plough and follow with a power harrow,and in my humble experience does a far better job( if done properly) of burying the turf etc .so much faster and fuel efficient to get a clean clod free seed bed, than using a rotovator.
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    John deere weights on a massey?

    I've got 14 x50kg John Deere wafer weights on the front of my 8240. With a single MF weight either side, clamped on properly, then a ratchet strap around the whole lot. No problems. The JD weights will hang on the mf carrier. My problem is I need a lot more weight on the front...and there's no...
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    Contracting charges plus fuel, or contractor charges including fuel

    It's sad to see ash trees die on their feet...but when ploughing near them , especially if they haven't been ploughed in the last 10? Years it's difficult to feel sorry for them. Take the little top handle chainsaw with me now,. Saves a lot of tugging trying to get the roots out.
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    Contracting charges plus fuel, or contractor charges including fuel

    It would deffinatly be repaired...the 8200 series Dynashift Massey's are very highly regarded.Used tractors are often ,better the devil you know, break faliure contamination ,and the future expensive never ending problems would be my biggest concern about used tractors.
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    Contracting charges plus fuel, or contractor charges including fuel

    Every ones circumstances are different...doing a lot of ploughing now, with a 20 + yr old tractor of around 180/200 hp bought and fitted with new tyres for around£20k. My plough is 10 years old...full spec, vari width etc... tractor won't devalue much if any. Have my smaller younger tractor as...
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    *WANTED* new holland combines

    Have an 8030 any good!
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    agco parts book online

    Did you manage to get the log in details from your local dealer?
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    Rotovator recommendations

    Haven't they been replaced mainly by power harrows? A much handier machine.Plough and follow with a power harrow so much faster and if needed can go deep enough for root crops.. Stone burriers which are basically glorified rotovators have been tried...too slow in an old ley. My opinion is it's...
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    Massey 8s owners/drivers

    You guys are so lucky that it's just the looks of the new tractor's that bother you. For me it's the price... for a one man band doing off farm work...I'd have to be working all hours just to pay the finance..
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    Kverneland rake

    You must have priced up new parts? I'd do some homework if I was you, and search if the same parts were fitted to other models, including twin rotor versions...they are more prone to accidents and being broken.
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    Bent Manitou Headstock Hook

    Heat is probably your only option.
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    Saw this Massy 3165 digger at a sale

    Father bought a manual gearbox version 3165 same as yours in 1976, great toy for a 12 yr old..spent that dry summer tacking down hedges and trees... some big ash trees took best part of a day to dig around. Perkins 4203 engine, instant starter.. never touched the engine,gearbox nor clutch, she...
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    How bad is this engine?

    If you can start it easily enough, performs ok, and doesn't use an excessive amount of engine oil....then it not so bad.
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    How bad is this engine?

    I would have thought the blowback would be past the pistons...worn rings and bores..