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    Neighbour - New Footpath Gate

    Neighbour has put in planning for 8 houses and has included putting in a new gate in the hedge to join up with an existing footpath on my side of the hedge. My field is the village play park, became too much hassle for grazing with neighbours dumping all sorts over their fences. So a new...
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    Worcester charollais

    Looked some cheap sheep from what I watched on the live feed. Shame i decided to go on a stag do instead
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    TexX ewes - which Tup to use?

    I know I'm gonna have more wool this year, mostly as last year half the Swales had already shedded. Still had to catch them and tidy them up.
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    Dairy Calf To Suckler Idea

    What cost are dairy heifer calves in N.I. Local mart, where I used to buy my replacements, last sale BBx av 298 and Limx, only 1 in, 365.
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    When do they become pure bred? From another topic on dodgy recording of parentage, quoted that 87.5% Is pure
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    Port Agri Snacker Cover/Modifications

    Have a look for 'shock cord buttons' look similar to what's on my swaledale snacker.
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Won't let you upload the video but these are couple pics they posted.
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    Iphone 5SE anywhere new still available??

    Was it Apple last year who were found to be deliberately using updates to slow down older model phones to persuade people to upgrade to a newer version.
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    H&H have an advert for 150 Swale shearlings that have scanned 200%
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    What was the first farm animal you owned ?

    A 4 horned Jacob ewe, i was the only one that didn't get scarred from her horns, mainly as i wasn't allowed in pen with her. Second year she tried a self caescarean, lamb foot through her belly, both lived and she was here for 10 years.
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    Irish agri , no deal aid.
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Isn't it normally a good trade Xmas week, less markets to buy from and less lambs about.
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    new VAT filing.

    This was meant to come in last April, so has already been postponed once.
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    Limousin bull-Wilodge Tonka

    Semenstore out of stock, they had it priced at £40
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    Ram missing from market

    Have tup taxis at Kelso though what I've bought has never been checked.

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