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    Charollais sheep

    How is the Worcester sale gonna operate, mart/online, catalogue doesn't say.
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    diary of a comedy sheep farm

    Surely the maiden voyage is worthy of a video
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    Clover safe sprays

    Spotted this on Nufarm website
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    James Dyson tops UK Rich List

    Jim Ratcliffe used to be top of the list , has he dropped My socialist friends love the list, wanting every penny for the greater good. They don't like when I tell them it's only 'worth' and not readily accessible cash.
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    Clik Gun

    I had that trouble last year, changed the pipe inside the bottle for another and it worked.
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    Barn conversions £/ft

    If you convert to offices would you be liable for business rates when empty
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    Spraying near footpath

    When I did mine footpaths were never mentioned
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    1974, it hasnt changed in that time
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    Docks Again

    Sprayed with Hurler 2 l/Ha 7 days ago.
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    UK going back to work

    Spanish City looks a bit better these days
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    Today he said its between 0.6 and 0.9
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    I was just thinking he would. I admire him , building up a business, diversifying into farming It was good he put forward his company to build ventilators. Possibly bad that he tried to reinvent them when time was short. Whether that was down to copyright or whatever I don't know
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    Would he not be able to claim any expense incurred so far under research and development
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    spin cycles dumb question number 38

    Anyone else wanna know what the other 37 questions were?
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    UK going back to work

    I have a friend who is a delivery driver mostly to schools but also shops and cafes. Furloughed at the moment but is not going back to work until its is 'safe', even though they pretty much work alone.

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