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    Peterson Farm Brothers

    Some good videos, from these Kansas guys Good to see the parodies too
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    Good video here
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    Glad I don’t use Twitter
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    30 odd years ago, after a YFC dance at Ilsington below Dartmoor, a bunch of lads decided to go up to Jay’s Grave, the other side of Widecombe We jumped in my old Mini van and off I drove the 6-8 miles Jay’s Grave is an unmarked unconsecrated grave of a 1500’s servant girl, made pregnant by...
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    The "I`ve got it" thread...

    same with the Aberdeen spike, allegedly a Rig worker
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    Covid loans

    I was chatting to my accountant today and he said the same Lots of clients have taken them, in all business sectors
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    New Shutdown?

    Ignorance is bliss then [emoji85]
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    New Shutdown?

    Well summed up A lot of moral compasses have gone south and previous citizenship values dismissed
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    New Shutdown?

    Yes, hadn’t you realised?
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    New Shutdown?

    Fair enough, not preaching - just stating the facts about disease control But like FAM, in 2001 the best policy was to reduce transmission by not travelling - potentially spreading the disease That is precisely why we now have a rise in infections, people mixing locally, not wearing masks and...
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    New Shutdown?

    Well, we haven’t been anywhere this summer Just kept local and avoided busy areas locally and enjoyed deserted walks etc Those that have holidayed in UK and abroad have just been selfish Big Society - don’t make me fudging laugh
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    Spending quality time as a family

    Buy a bigger bath Works wonders for your love life
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    Business in farmyard

    New or Used? Got a website ?
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    Spending quality time as a family

    Join her in the bath, once the kids are in bed, with 2 glasses of red She will appreciate the company and the extra bubbles
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    Jim Davidson

    True enough

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