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    Dominic Cumming grew up on a farm?

    People moan at industrialists, buying up farms at inflated prices
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    Why are some TFF members so dogmatic in their views?

    A girlfriend used the water to make her mouth ice cold before giving ...... Very ...uplifting [emoji6]
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    Dominic Cumming grew up on a farm?

    Hardly borne to it then
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    Boo for Boris

    Easter time
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    Boo for Boris

    I thought the same, especially when he got up to leave, swigged from his water glass then slid it across the table in arrogance
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    Boo for Boris

    DC isn’t His father was an oil rig manager
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    Boo for Boris

    He wasn’t there though, but in Durham
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    Behaviour of the Public and Dominic Cummings

    He was squirming Right enough
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    Piddlehinton - Community Spirit

    Story here Coronavirus: How lockdown brought a village closer together
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    Piddlehinton - Community Spirit

    Just been watching the BBC News and the community spirit to support each other through CV19 and lockdown Their own hardship fund Caring for the elderly Cut flowers bouquets from gardens to NHS nurses Even farmers delivering food to the local travelling community camp to keep them fed - new...
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    New tractor not registered to me?

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    Keir Starmer

    Well summed up Boris is toast Sunak is tomorrow’s man, as future PM
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    Biggest Recession since 1706

    Mortgage holiday extended by a further 3 months until autumn I guess HP & PCP deals will follow suit
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    Nicola sturgeon

    and you think Boris is better then ??? She’s doing very well and looking at all the women political leaders around the world, they are doing f better than the male ones
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    The great scone debate!

    Clotted cream first, as a butter substitute The strawberry jam on top

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