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    Deere or Fendt

    We have Fendt and john deere and realy dont like the spool leavers in the fendt i always have to have spool screen open on the monitor just to see what is happening as there is no feel to them and they return to neutral position, the JD on the other hand while a little clunky are very simple to...
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    Today at work

    May have been a little bit too wet in that spot! Back in the paddocks again seems a little earlier every year. Bit of trucking moving a customers digger.
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    Volvo Ec140 value

    If its a machine you have had for a while and know how its been looked after then keep it , you will gain very little in performance or running costs by getting a newer machine and 7000 hrs is not hogh hours for a digger.
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    Today NOT at work

    Had a long weekend away and headed south to lake Tekapo not a breath of wind pretty much a perfect winters day. Even risked our lives skating.
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    Jd 9780i header settings

    Isn’t it amazing how people can run a machine and have no idea if it is running correctly, it’s no wonder some machines get a bad reputation when there set up wrong from new and used by people that have no clue on operating them.
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    What effect heatwave on crops.

    Maize needs constant regular heat not highs and lows for good growth if it stays in the high 20's 24 hours a day with good access to water you will get optimum growth but when it climbs into the mid 30's growth will slow the same as when the temp drops below 20c.
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    John Deere LED upgrade

    Are there any agents in New Zealand for the lights we have some 30 series Deere that need upgrading.
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    John Deere forager additive pump electric feed

    Front right hand side above the hydraulic connectors theres a D plug , if you double click the button in the cab it stays on but in normal mode you need the drum in gear front down and hydro leaver out of park position.
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    Part set of knives in a forager

    All our JD choppers have 48 knife drums , for grass we always run a half set and whole crop and maize we run a full set you wont notice any difference in power consumption with a half set they run the same as a full set they dont block they dont run rough . We havnt run 3/4 set before but i dont...
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    Today at work

    A cold wet day harvesting a paddock of sweet corn we planted just after Christmas Hopefully the last paddock of this season to be worked up. Nice view while waiting for a trailer.
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    Loaded up and trucking!!

    Its a small world, i live in the amuri basin and know Tom and Scotty done some work in molesworth station over the years. These are a few of our trucks havnt got any recent pictures but we have a 720 Volvo aswell now.
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    Most powerful 4x4

    Im guessing thats Toyota prado not a proper landcruiser which are about 380hp.
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    Kleine Unicorn beet drill

    Very good planters simple and easy to use parts still available from kverneland dealers as they are the same as monopil .
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    Fendt armrest

    I dont find our fendt armrest very comfortable either the john Deere command arm is much better.
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    Driving John Deere IVT on headlands ?

    You can go into the menu and set min revs for each of the ranges .

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