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    Today at work

    Clear blue sky a big green tractor and lots of nice clean straw ,it dosnt really get much better than this.
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    John Deere 155M vs 140M

    About $130k i think off the top of my head.
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    John Deere 155M vs 140M

    Our neighbor is running krone front and rear on a 155m with no problems we have a 155m of our own that has been trouble free and is a real nice tractor to drive.
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    Today at work

    Were basically farming an ancient river bed so stones and rocks are just something you get used to, we do have some good ground without stones but the majority of the paddocks have stones in varying quantities.
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    Today at work

    Trying to get some ground worked and beet and maize planted but the weather is being rather unhelpful with rain every few days.
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    So what is high hours for a tractor ? or miles for a car ?

    I would be more concerned by the fact the engine has been sat on idle for 25% of its life, nothing worse for a engine than sitting on idle for extended periods.
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    Jd 6930 operating temperature

    We have similar thing with a 7530 would run cold under idle or low load but when working gets up to temp fine replaced all the thermostats but still runs 10c lower under low loads not sure if there is another problem somewhere but dosnt seem to effect it in anyway.
  8. Jon Boy

    Cheapish but good tractor to replace Fendt

    The basic problem is you bought what you wanted not what business needed and now the business can not pay for what you wanted .
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    Some money in potatoes

    How would yields compare now to 20 years ago you would hope that they have improved in that period aswell.
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    Today at work

    Been having some beautiful spring days so lots of drilling going on at the moment even got the old classic out earning its keep.
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    John Deere combine feeder house slip clutch

    Would they not just be walterschied parts every slip clutch on a JD machine ive taken apart has been walterschied . If you can find out the torque required they can usually tell you the correct combination of springs.
  12. Jon Boy

    Deere or Fendt

    We have Fendt and john deere and realy dont like the spool leavers in the fendt i always have to have spool screen open on the monitor just to see what is happening as there is no feel to them and they return to neutral position, the JD on the other hand while a little clunky are very simple to...
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    Today at work

    May have been a little bit too wet in that spot! Back in the paddocks again seems a little earlier every year. Bit of trucking moving a customers digger.
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    Volvo Ec140 value

    If its a machine you have had for a while and know how its been looked after then keep it , you will gain very little in performance or running costs by getting a newer machine and 7000 hrs is not hogh hours for a digger.
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    Today NOT at work

    Had a long weekend away and headed south to lake Tekapo not a breath of wind pretty much a perfect winters day. Even risked our lives skating.

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