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    Mower conditioner or tedder

    Thanks for the input, more confused than ever:scratchhead:
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    Mower conditioner or tedder

    Have a plain mower, thinking of changing for a moco or a Tedder, aiming to make top quality silage. Which do people think would be better?
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    Mineral feeder ideas

    Stick " Greg Judy minerals " into YouTube
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    Cow brushes

    Would a powered brush keep cattle free of lice during winter housing?
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    Finishing cattle on organic system

    Very interested/ surprised that you can get 2kg/ day on grazing cattle @Kiwi Pete, is that on herbal leys? Struggle to put that on intensive diets here
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    OSR replacement

    Spot on
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    100% spring cropping

    As I've said I don't spend my time on here whining about all my problems, my farming system is far from perfect and i try every day to improve it, not complaining about it. I understand that most of my farming challenges are of my own making Most of the discussion in the cropping section is...
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    100% spring cropping

    I don't come on here whining about it being too dry, too wet, Gove, Brixit, slugs, bg, midge blah blah so maybe you should take note of your own doom and whining instead of accusing others
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    100% spring cropping

    Judging by how many people on this forum that are struggling with an ever increasing list of problems, it would suggest that what they are doing is not working for them
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    Getting a little dry

    Soil needs water holding capacity I agree, very different to not getting the water into the soil
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    Getting a little dry

    Point was that heavy tillage destroys soil structure which prevents or slows water getting into the soil, very simple. Seeing water lying in a field in a dry summer is a reflection of modern farming which is unfortunate imv
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    Cover crop after osr before ww

    Yes destroy their habitat, after all, it works well in killing all the beneficials
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    Getting a little dry

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    Getting a little dry

    In the middle of a generally dry summer? Possible but very unlikely

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