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    Made in China!!!

    there is a japanese made perkins motor in a venieri loader next door not a lump ive seen before or is it just my isolation and they are very common?
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    Made in China!!!

    got garlic in the s/market from prc i have a prc honor 10 phone which has been faultless can we not grow garlic some where in europe?
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    First baler on a serious budget. Whats good whats not?

    any opinions on the claas 540 series? the promo for it looks they have all the inadequacies of previous balers from claas addressed
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    Temperature of haystack

    and of no feed value
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    I know..

    what kind of tractor in 03 was able to tell outside temp? i havnt reached that level of sophistication in 2020
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    Makita cordless chainsaw

    try cordless chainsaw
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    Makita cordless chainsaw

    already a thead about cordless saws
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    Battery powered chainsaws.

    a s.h 181 is my go to saw should be the 536lixp but the 181 doesnt require tools to keep the chain tight will pull the likes of a 91vxl all day very frugal on fuel and fits behind the tractor seat no problem the fault of the little oil pipe that goes hard and lets the saw leak is a €10 fix...
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    Battery powered chainsaws.

    ideal for slow timber work ie gathering branches and putting them in a saw horse no fumes and no running engine wil run to dinner time at such work but 35-40 mins at proper cutting too expensive for what they are a ms181 will do heavy sawing all day for half the price of the husky a good tool...
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    i have discovered the english delicacy crumpet. 1batch came into local smarket never tasted it before now im making my own does it qualify here?
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    McHale tedder

    i wonder? i get the vibe of toyota before the fall ie a large dollop of arrogance a few kuhn combination balers appearing in what should be fusion heartland
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    Blackview Mobile phones

    a lot of folks would be interested in your findings
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    Ragwort control

    whats the problem with forefront?
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    Welger vs McHale

    its a my red is better than your blue question my baler will bale heavy solid brutes of bales if i bale wet straw there are tooo many variables the question should be what rake makes the beat swarth what combine leaves the best row
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    Welger vs McHale

    yawn who cares?

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