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    I disagree. if i open the door at night with the lights on i get hundreds of the buggers flying around the cab with me. i know this because ive swatted so many of the barstewards! the media are in a large way responsible for this trend towards hating meat. they've been pushing chris packham and...
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    More beef bashing.

    Farming is too easy of a target, >1% of the population work as farmers. All this carbon stuff is money and power. Airline companies have lots of both, livestock farmers...? Also think from the govs point of view, airlines bring in far more tax money than farms do...
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    I've seen a lot of people recently complaining about the lack of insects due to intensive farming in recent years. However, every night im out with the LEDs on i cant get out of the cab without hundreds of the damned things buzzing into my face and inevitably into my cab. I can provide a picture...
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    What do we all agree on?

    The majority of the general public have no clue how their food is produced.
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    Keverneland disc coulter

    Hello all. Have been running the KV ld85 plough for a while with only 1 rear disc coulter as one fell off. Have put one back on, but it is rubbing on the skim. The skim is the inner one that goes straight and isn’t slightly kinked like the outer ones. Any ideas? Are the discs both identical or...
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    1year old merlo written off because of seized engine!

    our 575 has a system for that. it's called robomatic. not been able to find any information on it at all on the internet. shuts the engine off if theres low oil or if it overheats. installed because the tractor was (and still is) often left overnight running the drying fan. It works by having an...
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    Fordson Power Major "Brutus"

    looks splendid. Must have been a lot of work what with the loader and backhoe as well!
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    Was she telling the truth.

    personally i would quite like the bbc to go back to speaking like mr chumley warner and wearing dinner jackets to do the evening news... at least then we might be spared some of the guardian reading tosh!
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    Removing stubborn dirt from wheels

    dont think there's a problem with the paint its just this soil mixed with oil i think... damned stuff has just glued itself to the wheels. i have neither a hot washer nor a preasure washer that can do anything other than water... mines a bit pathetic to be quite honest but a new one is just too...
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    Removing stubborn dirt from wheels

    I wash it regularly. This happened over winter when dad was feeding the cattle with it and I didn't use it. Don't think the paint is stained as I can wipe it away with a lot of elbow grease. I should mention the tfr is diluted 100:1. Dont want to take the paint off. Is it safe to use a more...
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    Removing stubborn dirt from wheels

    2019 case maxxum. Wheels look like this. Have tried preasure washing, tfr, degreaser. Nothing will shift the dirt. Only thing that seems to work is rubbing the same spot for a long long time till eventually it rubs off. Is there a way to get this dirt off or is my tractor going to have brown...
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    Any one else panicking

    My car is on empty, haven't found a garage yet with any fuel in it. Going to be using the 135 for shopping soon!
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    MF 399T steering goes heavy.

    check its full of oil
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    Any one else panicking

    sedgemoor market, our local, do exactly this. they must make a killing off of it.