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    tractor snobbery

    Then there's those of us who were incorporating burnt stubbles with Bomford Turbotillers sat in Duncan cabs on their 30 series John Deeres back in the 80's :giggle:
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    Enlarging an existing hole

    Set it up with the 30mm bit fitted in the hole and then swop to the 32mm bit? If you can't swop bits just mark the position or clamp guides to reposition the drill back in the same place
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    Today at work

    When I went to pick eldest boy up about 15:20 there was a big Caterpillar dump truck being escorted up by the leisure centre going north. There were plenty of wide open mouths on the kids coming out of Holmer School :D
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    First aid kit

    Sometimes it's hard to get your head around the sterility of the area you're treating in a lot of incidents on farms and the like. All you are doing is doing your best at the time. Yes I know where you're coming from, prior preparation prevents......... but accidents happen and not when they're...
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    Grass ID?

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    First aid kit

    No fork to hand? You can improvise a tourniquet round the neck with bale string ;)
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    Work boots

    I almost went out and bought a pair of Redbacks a few months ago as I had got through 4 pairs of Dickies zip sided boots in 18 months. The Redbacks didn't materialise as nobody stocked them big enough and I just happened to walk into another agri shop in Hereford, Len Evans, and he'd got some...
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    Weekly Caption Competition

    I gave you 50p for the cinema in Choppy and no Caleb you're not taking the Lambo. So stop sulking and go.
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    quick fixes, bodges and creations

    Spoilt it all now, spied this parked round the corner
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    quick fixes, bodges and creations

    When you do bits and bobs for some farmers in a certain part of the world the workshop is usually miles away plus short on space for jobs like this so you just use what you've got...... Knew I should have put the header on the combine and ran it up to loosen the rust off:(
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    farming knowledge gone.

    An old shepherd I worked with when I was a student told me that there's not really any new ideas in farming just new tools. You'll still be doing the same thing as those before you and still be trying to work with the land and Mother Nature.
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    what grinds your gears

    I know that's the proper way but hammer and rag was to hand :D
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    what grinds your gears

    Only a few places to park kit plus the nettles don't grow that fast under the hedge. Note to self....... Put the kit on in the middle of the night, fine if you know what you're doing the next day :D
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    what grinds your gears

    I had that yesterday when putting a Votex flail topper on. How can both pipes on the sideshift ram be pressurised when it was free from the floor? At least I remembered to put a rag over the end when I smacked it with a hammer and not get splattered with oil ;)
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    Disco 2 injectors

    I did have a spare full set of 15P Green tops until last week when my Defender decided to throw a bit of a wobble. No3 injector broke the spring into 3 pieces and the push rod popped off the rocker. I think I need to hang onto what I have just in case.....