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    Honda 500esp or Suzuki 500 auto

    Looks like im the only on here who would pick the Honda then. We've got a 2013 500 manual/Auto. Its clocking on 49000 km and its been one heck of a good bike. Strong work horse that will go across some mighty steep hill ground and you feel safe on it doing so.
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    Best calf dehorning crate ?

    We've used a Large IAE calf crush now for many years and we cant fault it. Its robust and its a sturdy safe crush to work with. Wouldnt dream of changing it for any of the others on sale.
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    Price per outfit please

    Anyway we are all agree that the Agent was trying his luck. Now Any chance of seeing a few pictures of these cows and calves ? You may well have potential customers on here.
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    x6 Angus x cows with calves at foot For sale

    Do you have pictures of them?
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    Price per outfit please

    £1400 seems closer to it if they are decent stock. £950 is a bit of a cheeky offer Id recommend Sellmylivestock as we've used it many a time and it seems to work well. What TB area are you in?
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    Anyone heard about Newark Livestock Market!

    What are Brightwells up to at Builth Wells Market. They dont seem to be making any effort to run it during the lock down.. Is Builth going the same way as they did with Rhayader? Are they wanting everyone to travel to Hereford i wonder. Seems to be a thriving well praised market there.
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    Stokesley tractors

    Seems like this Ambrose Farrow was the owner of QF Tractors and they were to be avoided like the plaque so think you should keep a wide birth of Stokesey Tractors too. A bargain is quiet often not a bargain.
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Anyone know what is the price of STP and Can 27 or similar product at the moment? Is it likely to go up or come down in coming weeks?
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    Sheep shearing trailer

    I know a lot that have done that and got a good handling system and shearing trailer at the fraction of the price of a prattley or similar system.
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    Sheep shearing trailer

    Exactly. Think it says a lot if you get a large percentage of contractors using them. And there’s a fare pick for everyone when catching a sheep without someone in the far end of a race getting the tougher sheep.
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    Sheep shearing trailer

    Cant beat the J and S Pughe shearing trailer. John has sheared enough sheep over the years to know and see what works best. Its a bloody good set up. Easy to set up and no problem getting sheep into the trailer not like single race systems. Handy for doing any sheep work not just shearing.
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    shearing hand piece knowledge for dummies

    Send it back to Willie Horner. He'll sort it out. He's a good chap . Totally staright. He may do you a good price as youve only bought it and just shorn 80 with it. As said before those handpieces are bomb proof. Whats the point of spending a couple of hundred on a new handpiece. I bought a...
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    Newton Rigg College

    Ha ha i got presented o wooden spoon in one of the pubs in Penrith , i think the following year. Dark times for welsh rugby but lets now talk any more bout that haha. Rhys Parry from mid wales was there in 91 . Quiet a few welsh there when i was at the college.
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    Newton Rigg College

    Youll know shep who farms up the road then no doubt.
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    Newton Rigg College

    Good chap John . 6 of us agri students lived in the bungalow for a term but moved back to the college in the second term as it was freezing in the house.

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