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    Drill filling ideas.

    @Chae1 just get up to thainstone and buy a few scrap fert spreaders. Use the hoppers as your bins. Think the metal stackable ones would be the best option though. Farm I worked on had a Peter Allen (i think) one with a hyd slide on it for filling pig hoppers.
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    Today at work

    Had @Weaving Machinery in today doing a nice demo with their GD. Total contrast to our normal plough the p/h drill. Was very impressed with the machine and nice to meet Simon and Glen. I think this rig is out of my price range but maybe a 3m someday.
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    Today at work

    Might have to find a tractor for this tomorrow.
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    Today at work

    Rolled out a bale or two for these. They are normally running in and out at grass but shut in today so we can move another group through their field.
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    Today at work

    Much to go?
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    Ford 6810 gearbox

    Back when we had 10series ap they were always crunching when changing gears. Old 4000 and 5000 could change without a sound. Sorry no help😥
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    Low N Malting Barley.

    Or priced contracts which can have deductions at the buyers discretion.
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    Low N Malting Barley.

    Also feckin sick of 'contracts' with TBA pricing after you have delivered the bloody stuff.
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    Low N Malting Barley.

    Putting in more wheat. We haven't had a problem with intake but still have two loads to go. Last two extra loads will go in feed heap. No point sending it at £130 with a risk of a claim. One of the reasons we joined a now failed co-op was because they (wrongly) claimed we would be in a...
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    Straw walkers blocking up.

    I feel for you. Our previous two new Hollands did it a bit. Normally discovered a totally blocked walker on a Sunday morning. Tx had wire ropes down the inside of walkers but not sure it made much difference. Only thing I did was try to keep an eye on them and pull awns out before they built up...
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    Today at work

    The one we've been looking for. Thankfully only a small bit this flat. This combine is a pleasure to drive though.😎
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    Toyota Hi lux max towing weight?

    @Chae1 just send DFM down for it. He like a run out. Fred Murray at Brechin would be worth a shout too.
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    Mobile cattle crush

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    Mobile cattle crush @Hilly
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    Draper header

    One is for spares. Bed and auger worn out. Seriously though get on (Facebook) Farm machinery for sale Scotland and you will get one no bother.

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