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    Something wrong with tff?

    Very slow here tonight.
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    Dennis the menace

    We have had it better than most but it is dtill to feckin wet to plough. Managed 10 ac on Thursday with a wee touch of frost but bottom of field too slippy Friday morn then rain came on. Sounds windy just now but not too rainy. Will find out in 5 minutes after my cup of tea.....
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    No till and cover crops in Scotland

    Are you renting any ground out for Tatties? That is my biggest stumbling block. That and baler/dung spreader traffic. I really would like to try something different however giving up the rent income would be difficult. Doug Ruxton at Fetercairn is using a Claydon and I think Ross Mitchell is...
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    Spray foam on asbestos roof

    Only heard it talked of never seen it done. Builder who works for a friend suggested it for insulating a single skin asbestos roof. Think he suggested timber battons/purlins over existing roof, Then fibre wool and then fixing box profile sheets over the top. Job was never carried out. This...
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    Spray foam on asbestos roof

    @grainboy Not sure if it will fix it but it will certainly make the eventual replacement more costly. You could possibly oversheet it.
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    My cattle handling setup.

    Do you have a plan showing sizes that you would be willing to share. It looks a good set up.
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    What does this do

    You can sometimes manage to get it to stop by wiggling the spool valve lever.
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    What does this do

    We had to change the pump on ours, pump with control valve was cheaper than the valve. You could here it trying to pump and labouring engine.
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    Reekie reliance 500 destoner problems

    Check all the pins in the multiplug on the control box. We had a similar issue on a older 350. One of the pins had been pushed back and wasn't connecting. Does it have a switch next the spool bank for swapping to load sensing? If it has been knocked it might cause an issue.
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    Pumping water out of a stream

    I think the pump constantly goes on/ off without it.
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    So this arrived today

    Remember seeing one with openers on the front and a bedtiller on the back on a YFC farm walk. About 7pm and the (ring) lad was starting night shift...stalled it with all us buggers watching😅
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    Straw spreading gadget

    Our has had a extension welded to back door. Approx 2 feet with an up turned end. Means you can't self load bales but rarely do they fall off back.
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    Today at work

    I had that when i was a student (not my fault, little Renault with a slack hook and 12 t trailer) however it was a grain trailer so muck came out a trailer shot forwards. Drawbar came through lower half of back window and went past the side of the seat. 12 " to the left it would have killed me.
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    Do most combines lift headers high enough to go over gateposts?

    20" header on a tx will scrape over a low strainer if tipped right to one side. You really need a hillsider combine to do it. Think @Chae1 posted a pic of his one doing it.

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