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    The sad bit really is we are an island and we brought Corona virus onto it even tho we had the perfect defence. The sea.
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    Beet harvester from Lincs to Devon/Cornwall Border

    Bob Davie Transport at Taunton is your man for that
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    Going ahead with a new shed

    Is the shed only being put up for use in the next few months and have no use for it afterwards? Bet the answer is no and you probably have stock or fodder to be stored kept in the shed for next winter? Crack on if can get a build slot? I am about to put planning in for another shed as have...
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    Broke Bolt That Holds Door Gas Strut

    Is there anything left to grip with decent mole grips? A small bolt like that is sometimes possible to drill into the centre of it and knock an Allen key into the hole and just unwind. Another trick is to place a nut the same size as the broken bolt over the sheared stud and using a mig welder...
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    The effects of the virus on machinery dealers.

    Probably either cause they trying to Impress their neighbour or got an exceptionally small weaner!!!!
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    Reliable Horse Power

    Funny you say that as had a 40k 7530 with cab and axle suspension and that was a real nodding donkey on the road. 66's with TLS were a way smoother ride.
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    The effects of the virus on machinery dealers.

    Old lorries will be running around ATM as no techs or part's to keep modern lorries going and with no mot needed it's time for the classics to roll again
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    TFF teaches us a lot about society.

    E="Forage Trader, post: 6860340, member: 473"] Most of us have lost loves ones in life ,some under tragic circumstances , you have to brush yourself down and carry on , it can eat you up if you dont Very little as sad as people wasting a fair chunk of their life repeatedly going over the same...
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    Replacement britax mirror on case.

    Fairly sure mvf's carry them
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    Virus Songs

    You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille.
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    Virus Songs

    Police - Don't stand so close to me Roxette.- Joyride
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    Do NOT Resuscitate Form

    A lot of people have tattoo's but actually I haven't but the one I would happily get would be tattooed on my chest would read "ONLY RESCUSATE IF QUALITY OF LIFE HASN'T BEEN COMPROMISED" Who wants to hang on at the expense of the ones you love?
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    Why isn’t air travel restricted?

    Neighbour is head of microbiology at local hospital and his son is awaiting to fly back from America any day. You'd think they would know better. Personally air transport for passengers should be banned worldwide until after the last case of CV. Medical supplies should be the only allowable...
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    Field hospitals

    However quickly and well the Nightingale hospital has been done I personally thought it just looks like a waiting room for the morgue. I personally would think the busiest people will be those boxing up☹️
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    John Deere R series cab mountings

    Almost think a bolt would all but pull that flat down with a big enough windy gun but the bolt would be under massive tension and probably strip the threads. In a few years time with no warranty a bit of heat would help but this tractor is still only in its first year

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