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    Blown feed acceptable size?

    I wish my bin looked as good and as clean as that . Not that my cows ever reject their cake or dust!!!!
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    Fuel price tracker

    176.9 @ Taunton Dean this morning and 171.9 @ Ford fuels next to Sedgemoor market when dropped stock off.( Diesel) Thankfully I didn’t need any😊
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    Fuel price tracker

    And a supplier in the south west has quoted the same price this morning (Winston’s)
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    All things Dairy

    Ah bugger . That’s not good and really hope you get sorted. Some hell off a damage been done over your way from what I saw earlier as some big trees smashed be the wind and sheared off on the main rd. And passed 3 Western Power repair vehicles all in convoy between Exbridge and the morebath cut...
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    Front wheel hubs breaking

    The rep put the 75c into the farm as a replacement for a JXU and said it would be a direct replacement but was far from a direct replacement as it was a way lighter built tractor and on smaller wheels etc
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    Front wheel hubs breaking

    That the same as a Farmall 75c as a local farm had one and had similar happen to the op with a loader and shear grab multiple times. Became expensive and only cure was to swap for a larger model tractor . The tractor (75c) also had some really tiny front wheels so the tyres had to be blown up...
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    Tomorrow.. 14 Feb 7.30 pm panorama

    Exactly and I would bet with the amount of cross suckling he has a massive Johnes problem that will be almost impossible to get on top of.
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    Which tractor please.

    I was told it had to be .
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    Which tractor please.

    JCB Fastrac as only tractor that really qualifies under the new rules from April 1st 2022 due to all round disc brakes and full suspension. New rules will be no fun. White diesel for everything apart from agricultural use and use of diggers for strictly agricultural use so definitely no site...
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    Wanted John Deere 6620 or 6820

    Look at World of Tractors as there were two stunning ones there
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    What do you do when you're absolutely exhausted?

    Thank god for that as I was half expecting her to have been locked in the basement for the last 20years as punishment or the like! Just maybe she is your way out? Has she a spare bedroom for a few weeks if your close and just leave the farm with her to seek a little solice? She should...
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    Would idexx or gamma blood test have greater accuracy on Alpacas @matthew ?
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    Film baler

    I am sure you will have a netwrap system if it’s needed as a backup but I’d see no reason why the film shouldn’t hold bales together.