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    Property collspse

    Russians are already moving their money. Lots of big yachts heading for the Suez canal en route to Vladivostok
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    Lime in short supply

    Yes, a lot, they're already set up to move stone by rail.
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    Old farmer's saying's..... do you know any ?

    Never take on a farm unless it can grow thistles strong enough to tie your horse to.
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    Same/ Lamborghini are only made to order. (Many months wait) Dealers can get Deutz's on their forecourt ready for buyers to look over and buy on the day.
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    Jet stream roar.

    Derek Brockaway the weathermans twitter feed, "Capel Curig is often the wettest place in #Wales but yesterday it was officially the warmest with a temperature inversion. Although Llanfairfechan recorded 14°C with a Foehn wind. A strong wind flows over the mountains. Air warms as it sinks down...
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    Kelim Spring Barley?

    Grew it last year, probably from the same source. It stood up better than my other variety and yielded better. The fact it was slightly later ripening may have helped it survive the bad weather period. Had no disease problems .
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    Animec Warning!

    He should be easy to spot "The formulation should be applied along the mid-line of the back in a narrow strip between the withers and tailhead." :eek:
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    What did you build over Christmas 2020

    Well the blocks are here and the footings are in. Trouble is the architects drawings are 💩.
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Yet 3,500 lambs in Welshpool and 2,500 ewes!
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    Fixing Stokboard to Cattle Hurdles
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    Which injection or dose for fluke &worms in cattle

    With bought in cattle, letters for TB tracing tests, turn up regularly. So I'm using short withdrawal products, that leave me the option of shifting them off before the test is due.
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    Wye Valley

    Wonder how they can tell the difference between run off from a harvested maize field and a harvested potato field? If maize acreage is cut back potato acreage will increase, leaving the same problem.
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    I want to grow cover crops but i dint want brassicas.

    Might depend on what herbicides you've used in the barley. For example Liberators product label says for following crops, that aren't of wheat or barley, you should plough before planting, because of concerns of DFF levels in the soil.
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    Stub axles and wheels

    Agri -linc website has prices for stub axles from 50 mm dia,to 80mm dia, also rims and tyres.