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    Electric tractor build

    Great project, I'm guessing you are getting away with the low power requirement due to the low speeds. Since the panel output nominally equals the motor requirement I'm guessing it should run for free as along as the sun is shining. That's almost as good as the efficiencies quoted by the Fendt...
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    JF Combine Harvester

    Does it give a good sample, much losses over the back? Not a contractors machine but cant see why there's not a niche for them as a farmers machine. A combine is a bit of an investment for a small acreage.
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    JF Combine Harvester

    Looks in good nick as well. How many acres did you cover with it? What tractor is on the trailer?
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    Workshop air main

    blue water pip for me as well, a mixture of plasson hand tightened couplings and the talbot pushfit ones and all hold air fine.
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    Me and my B275 Again!

    I'd say you got a good deal. I did the same with a B-275 about 4 years ago. the engine was a bare block with all the bits in boxes but it had a good set of tinwork. I paid similar money and considered it a fair deal.
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    Queens jubilee beacon

    I prepared ours a few weeks ago. Hoping it will be seen for a few miles around when I celebrate her majesties reign tonight. And before anybody asks the diggers not included in the bonfire 🤣
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    Major going end to end!

    Has he already left, where about is he?
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    Loaded up and trucking!!

    i sold my old dump trailer body to the scrappy yesterday. The springs on the back of his pickup were reasonably flat.
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    Hand held weed wiper

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    Hand held weed wiper

    I made one with an automatic syringe, a drench bottle and a stick with some sponge on the end. I’ll get a pic when I get back to the shed.
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    Time for rolling again.
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    A few workshop jobs.

    Upgraded the bleed stud in my roller from M10 to M12 due to corrosion issues.
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    A trip out yesterday to rake some hay for a neighbour
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    dump trailer

    I just realised theres pics of mine further up this thread! Have a look above. 😀
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    dump trailer

    This is a copy from my order. It was back in October 2017.