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    GB News Channel

    I'm reminded of a cartoon that I saw in a motorcycling magazine in the nineteen fifties, bear in mind that it was a time when many smokers filled their cigarette lighters with petrol. In the cartoon, there was a motorcyclist sitting astride his bike and talking to a friend who was standing...
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    Swallows 2021

    It was interesting to note that our swallows were sitting their 2nd brood but stopped when the temperatures went right up a week ago. Now it's cooler, she's back on the nest. Perhaps at the upper twenty degrees C, the eggs didn't need incubating.
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    Kevs diary

    As you've put up a lot of pics of your slab work, I thought that you had done a lot more. Must work faster Kev.
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    Kevs diary

    How many bases have you made for them Kev?
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    Hello and Welcome.

    It would be nice if they did, but they're not legally obliged to. If they have a second language, more likely than not it's English, so that's why they try and come here.
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    Are you all depressed ?

    I'm not depressed, I never have been, perhaps it's because I'm a realist, mind you I'm no longer farming having retired 4 years ago and glad of it. However, this thread, started 3 hours ago is now up to 6 pages. I've just read the first 2, I can't keep up.
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    Welding lift arm.

    All I can say is that in 50 years of farming, I've never had to do it. When I retired, I had a 34 year old Fiat 780 DT with 6500 hours on it. It was the main ploughing tractor for a long time. Lower link sensing too, so it took some punishment.
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    Welding lift arm.

    I don't recall ever having heard of anyone welding a new ball onto the axle end of a link arm, but what do I know.
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    Welding lift arm.

    You don't, but if you don't give us enough information, we are bound to think that it's the other end as needing to weld there is more common.
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    Welding lift arm.

    Why did you weld an ordinary ball end on? Surely hook ends are essential these days.
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    How to prevent hay barn fire?

    I've stooked plenty of small bales in my time, as did my father. I remember him telling me to always make sure the knots were at the bottom. to aid rain run off.
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    Have You Been Pinged?

    Mrs LS does not have a smart phone, hers is nearly 20 years old. I have one but it's turned off unless I leave the village and I don't have the app. The reason? where we live we can't get a mobile signal. We'll carry on in blissfull ignorance whilst all this pinging goes on.
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    Fuel price tracker

    2000 lts kero today from Tincknells at 45.5p +vat.
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    raves, raids, lades, ladders,

    Still disgusting whether cigarette or homosexual.
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    Soakaway agreement

    Correct, I think.