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    Horsch Pronto 3dc

    Yes bought the drill, very very pleased with it. Using half the diesel and no powerharrow tines to change every other year.
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    Horsch Pronto 3dc

    Thinking of buying one these. What's good, bad & ugly about them? How much do they drag off line behind tractor and any tips on setting up GPS for drill.
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    Drying peas

    What about drying in a mobile dryer?
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    Potato Costings

    Approximately how much per acre would it cost for destoning ? Using own oldish equipment. Same question for harvesting & grading.
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    We've have ours on the side of command arm. Sorry cant help.
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    Is it a Command Arm?
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    Thanks, making a start tonight. Oh the joys...:rolleyes:
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    No templates. Never thought about safety data sheets, thanks. I hate this sort of paper wok.:(
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    Whats the easiest way to get a coshh risk assessment for Assured Produce please.
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    Early harvest

    My Dad said exactly the same this morning.
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    KWS Extase

    Our Extase exactly the same
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    Today at work

    I just dont know how you do it, so much respect.
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    Potatoes after frost

    How much knock on effect will there be on the yield?
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    Potatoes after frost

    Shropshire & most the Midlands hit in varying degrees.
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    Spraying water on potatoes when its frosty.

    Lot of damage in the Midlands & further. Very depressing.

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