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    Combinables Price Tracker

    I've got some barley to sell still.
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    Blackgrass chemical attack

    For me any autumn sown crop needs full rates of herbicides if BG is a problem. That means avadex and a full pre em FFCT, with a partner. Then use post em if Atlantis still has an effect. The idea of spring cropping, cover crops, etc is simply to get to a point where a full autumn herbicide...
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    Hay and Straw for sale and Wanted open to all

    Have big bale barley wheat straw available DL6 area
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    Blackgrass chemical attack

    I've found that if we delay drilling and then have a poorer crop we are worse off than if we drill at a time we expect to get a strong crop into the winter. Then Avadex plus a full spray stack. Anything late sown in the last 2 years has ended up with way more blackgrass. And you run the risk of...
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    Groundswell 2021

    I suspect the earthworms arms will sell out of beer such is the need for a sociable pint or 3
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    Best "inflation proof" farm investments?

    The governments of the world will all have massive debts now. I reckon inflation is their method to reduce their debts in real terms. So if you leave your debts unpaid, inflation will reduce them anyway. Better to have invested last year though before prices went up for everything.
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    New Yorkshire Variant

    It'll be a no messing kind of variant Either you'll be reet as rain or you'll drop dead walking down the street. No mithering around
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    What % are you today thread?

    I must be 50% because apparently the glass is half empty
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    Should AHDB charge a levy on imported grain?

    Dump RT and AHDB together, followed by NSTS, NROSO Take a lump sum BPS exit payment Then just grow and market what you want and how you want If only...
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    Spraying - low pressure

    I just drive faster if wanting to put less on. Up to 16k
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    Things that would improve farm safety ?

    There were times when a well trained terrier would have been more useful than the tool sat next to me... But let's not frighten everyone desperate to get on a plane
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    No fungicide 2021

    Epoxy or teb plus CCC on T0 low rate We have had extremely dry springs before and the weather has turned, causing crops to race away. Yield potential is still there if it actually does rain sometime soon. If??
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    No fungicide 2021

    Quite a few farmers around with "Folpet" on their records...
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    Horsch Twinter Drill

    Looks good Like a slightly beefed up Dale