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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    CF and Yara are robbing barstewards.
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    I've got blackgrass

    If it's the only bit you have go to every length to make sure it doesn't spread.
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    That's because it is pure testicles.
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    I wouldn't trust anyone from CF to tell me the correct time of day.
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    Brasica weeds

    Looks very similar to Hedge Mustard. Pre emergence clomazone would probably work if it is available, the OSR seed would need to be drilled and not broadcast and it can cause some crop bleaching which quickly grows out.
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    Now we understand.....easily confused

    Maybe he could spell Lexion and autocorrect sent him somewhere else?
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    Phosphate problems

    Darker green, healthier looking wheelings would be an indicator of Manganese deficiency.
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    Phosphate problems

    Are the tractor wheelings a darker green?
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    Sclerotinia on rape

    For which insect is the insecticide being recommended? Pollen beetle are beneficial once the crop has started flowering. If you see a lot of seed weevil on the sprayer when you are spraying then an insecticide could be justified. Mealy aphids rarely go much further than the headlands.
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    Definitely worth it for the person selling the high margin trace element spray.
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    Sclerotinia on rape

    Keep on eye on this; Sclerotinia infection risk alerts (forecast) for oilseed rape | AHDB It is a really good tool for sclerotinia spray timing. I am delaying spraying until it warms up a bit, only planning on spraying once.
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    Slurry analysis

    Its quoted as being relative to manufactured N, I actually use the figures a lot and they work for me.
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    Slurry analysis

    To be accurate you really need a figure for available N and even then the crop and time of year when applied will affect how efficient the N is utilised. The correct analysis code at Lancrop is SA7d.
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    Solid urea use restricted and to be regulated by Red Tractor

    I suspect that there will be an awful lot of fertiliser recorded as having been spread in the last week of March.