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    1year old merlo written off because of seized engine!

    Tbh mine might be as well as my radiator /intercooler has an ftp badge on it
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    New 100 hp Tractor with Loader

    I haven’t had a loader tractor for years but thought that some new ones have the shuttle on the joystick like a telehandler always thought that would be a great option if available
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    1year old merlo written off because of seized engine!

    The bendy weidemann I bought has a Perkins engine in it but smaller lift than mine has the 2.9 deutz and the big bendy one has the 3.6 deutz makes no sense
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    Stopping red fading

    Have a 10 plate as work truck and is so bad my wee one calls it the pinkup Bought it at three year old and after a few months started to fade badly think it had came from a farm next to the sea and had been well valeted before I got it
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    Is John Deere Plus-50 oil worth it

    What is the service interval hrs for the 6300 is it 500hrs
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    New telehandler time

    That is one thing about most of the bendys are they are tall I know mine needs the beacon off to muck out my calving pens
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    New telehandler time

    The weidemann has 100 hp so has plenty power far more manoeuvrable but little short of lift capacity and reach of 526
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    New telehandler time

    Yep had the 4080 a year now and getting on great it’s easier to use than the 526 and visibility great hydro took but getting used to and wouldn’t like to go any narrower for stability on a flat bit of road it chugs on at 43k but hills are another matter I think if anybody wants the full range of...
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    New telehandler time

    Was going to say I demonstrated a Kramer from local jd dealer with the pin and cone on it Seemed a well built machine was on the high cab setting and had good visibility
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    Local to us took corner too fast skidded along verge hit wall of bridge on front left and rolled once down hill to here literally sitting on local water banking
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    Tanker pump oil

    Also a sight glass to show a drip feed
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    Scrap Metal Price

    200/t today mix gates headstocks to tin sheets Clyde metals glasgow
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    Bucket brush - any good ?

    I have an albutt brush on and old bucket works great but won’t get all bits if not reasonable level ground sometimes a smaller combo would do a cleaner job
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    Are shear buckets a success ?

    Ok cheers
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    Are shear buckets a success ?

    Ok cheers can you remember a rough price when you bought it will give me a ballpark in case I’m getting my shirt lifted