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    Government Policy towards net Zero

    Headless chickens comes to mind.
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    Green energy powered by bullsh!t

    burning grain cheaper than pellets or wood?
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    Hang on...

    What's the balance of trade with the EU at the moment? Too lazy to Google
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    Hang on...

    not only us!
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    What are YOU doing to mitigate against Climate Change?

    I'm primed like a coiled spring ready to jump into action as soon as someone tells me what to do and provides proof that I can make a difference and save the planet!
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    Open lies about dairy farming

    Do vegans eat meat when there is nothing else or do they just take it on the chin and starve?
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    lely cock pheasant

    200 years each
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    lely cock pheasant

    prefer 5x300 pound old original PZ ones. Last 1000 years!
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    lely cock pheasant

    But what about the qua!ity? P Z were good, tine and spring quality these days are crap.
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    Dung beetles are your little helpers, need some here.
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    Food shortages.

    the way things go in farming, maybe should have a minus sign in front. We produce more and more and get less and less return. No, I doubt he's talking about more than a few years but food for thought.
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    Food shortages.

    (Food prices)
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    Umbilical hernia in calf

    intervention not always required, it'll be eaten soon.
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    Cordless Chainsaw

    Spare batteries in your rucksack in place of petrol tank? agree maybe not quite up to the power level of petrol one's but I get the feeling it won't be long.