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    Error code 18.1.6B Fendt Varioguide

    Don't know about the error code but you can teach me English anytime!
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    Yet another mass shooting in the USA

    Would allowing only single shot rifles that are slower to reload answer the right to bear arms law? When this right was written into the constitution they were probably using flintlock muskets.
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    The war in Ukraine...

    I hope you don't blame those fine Irish batch loaves that would knock your head off if comeone threw one at you!
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    The war in Ukraine...

    Don't think the sh%t bread in supermarkets today would be worth rioting about!
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    Monkey Pox

    Can sheep get it? OMG what have I just said!
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    Dis is what wil 'appen!

    The world is entering recession, the nodding donkeys that were made to giddy up will be put back to sleep when the oil steadies at $70 a barrel. The poor oil companies that have invested in more production and had their chance of a half decent profit stolen by a windfall tax along with pension...
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    The growling growler

    That was before the invention of the pneumatic tyre!
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    Ah, bless him…

    Variety is the spice of life!!
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    The war in Ukraine...

    I smell a new strategic arms !imitation treaty coming for border lands, what what???
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    The war in Ukraine...

    Where's Greenland? And North America is a funny shape!
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    The war in Ukraine...

    Heavy armour seems to be a liabilty these days!
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    Rees-Mogg and the 91000 civil servants

    Scottish/Welch/English/N.Irish depts.of defence with their different weaponry and philosophy. Different health services with different disease control methods. The list goes on and all admin duplicated instead of the efficiency of commonality. Nah! Leave things as they are in our (UK) union
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    Rees-Mogg and the 91000 civil servants

    True, a big downside to independece. Wales,Scotland, N. Ireland take note.
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    Who gives a flying feck whether Starmer had a beer?

    Me! Haven't slept a wink worrying about this.