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    Cultivator / plough pan

    I sore this rare paraplow in a dealers yard not long ago I'd never seen a five leg one before.
  2. Manny

    11 X 36 wheel rim for DB.

    Hi I'm looking for a 11x36 rear wheel rim to fit a David brown. Either with or without a centre. Needs to have 8 bolt lug for the centre to fit. Thanks.
  3. Manny

    Rat smoker

    if you keep it tight into a hole at least the rats don't run back up your arm like they do with a small piece of pipe!!!
  4. Manny

    Rat smoker

    Friend just takes the bar off a chainsaw puts in 3 times the amount of oil as you should and it works well with the exhaust pushed into a hole. Just keep revving and smoke poors out. Just watch out it can choke the engine up quite badly and a new plug is needed more often.
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    Roller mill

    Wanted a three phase roller mill in good working order.
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    Countryfile tonight

    I think the BBC have slipped up tonight. When was the last time you heard someone say that it is ok to eat red meat!
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    People driving round fields at night

    I don't know what scared them the most, the sound of the shoot or the fact I hit a running hare not far from there dogs. I only shoot the hare as I thought it would get me in less trouble than shooting a dog and I got luck that it ran straight at me to get a good shoot.
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    People driving round fields at night

    I shoot a hare that was been chased by poachers dogs a few years back. I was out rabbit and fox shooting at home when I saw lights across the next field. I got myself down in a ditch out of sight and removed the mod off my .17hmr. With the thermol scope on it they had no idea where the shoot...
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    4m Freeflow

    If your still looking for one there is one on page 206 of the farmers guide.
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    What's feed wheat worth in Warwickshire at the moment?
  11. Manny

    Farm small grant scheme

    Has anybody received there grant yet?
  12. Manny

    Ez pilot in New holland combine

    Thanks @Steevo
  13. Manny

    Ez pilot in New holland combine

    Does anyone have any pictures of the brackets needed or a platform kit for a new holland cx or cr combine. I may look at fitting it to the combine and after making my own brackets for a tractor in less than 15 mins I thought I would give it a go but a pattern is always helpful. Thanks.
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    Pair of 600/65r38 tyres.

    Hi I'm looking for a pair 600/65r38 tyres. There going on a tractor that does very low hours a year so 20mm of tread would be fine for what it does but cases must be good. Thanks.
  15. Manny

    Led lights😠

    Thanks everyone for replying. I'll have a play with the tester and see what I can find. All three that have died have just gone straight out with no flashing. Work fine one day but will not come back on the next, never gone when on.

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