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    Lelyterra 300-33 pto speed?

    Just because it has has a 6 spline end doesn't mean it should be run at 540rpm. My Kuhn 1000 rpm machine came with a 6 spline end from new and I have changed my Lely from 21 spline to a 6 spline end to save having to change the tractor stub
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    PTO Guard Maintenance Rant

    It goes in a lot easier if you grease it up well too ....
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    UK Combinable crop growers association

    Do we get a badge??????
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    She could give me a knee trembler too
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    Used Telehandler Tyres

    A set of 4 Michelin XMCL Tyres. 460/70 R24 Radials. Just taken off my loadall. 3 are sound 1 has a very slow puncture. I would guess 10- 15% tread left. £100 for the 4 Collection from Suffolk
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    Telehandler Tyre Replacement?

    Its time to treat my old telehandler to some new tyres. Does anyone have any experience good or bad with industrial type block tread tyres rather than traditional tractor type cleats? My machine spends 90% + of its time on concrete or hard-core so wondering if block tread would be a better...
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    what grinds your gears

    6 million years of human evolution and we still need to wipe our own backsides! Even canines are evolved enough not to need to do that !
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    Anglian Water Pipeline

    I've got a site meeting first thing tomorrow before they start i will mention it then
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    Anglian Water Pipeline

    They served notice ...I didn't think I had an option to delay the work? My agent certainly hasn't said anything about being able to delay ..
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    Anglian Water Pipeline

    Yes the same pipeline is coming through here ...almost 1km run at 40m wide ! Archaeological trenches due to start dreading the mess
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    what grinds your gears

    Did you get a new horse for Christmas sheriff?
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    Teacher sacked for kicking a horse

    Steady boys 😁
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    what grinds your gears

    Anything is better than today with the effin inlaws ....want me to run over with my drain rods?
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    Teacher sacked for kicking a horse

    Well I've now studied the video very carefully....several times ...and I've concluded that those jodhpurs definitely show she's got a fit ar se