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    Raspberry Pi - Python Based GPS System

    Yes, I think you’re approach is best. I assume you’re not using a PCB then? I think a lot of the noise users are experiencing may be due to the PCB setup where components are so close together. What version of AgopenGPS are you running?
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    Raspberry Pi - Python Based GPS System

    Much of the need for dual antenna can be avoided if you place the inclinometer over the gearbox. Even without cab suspension, the cab vibrates too much and impacts the roll measurements - also when it is placed on the cab roof, this effect is multiplied the higher it is.
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    Raspberry Pi - Python Based GPS System

    I'm considering going down the AgOpenGPS route and using a similar receiver setup. Some people prefer the Digikey version of the F9P (for reason that I now can't remember). What are you using for inclinometer, compass, etc?
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    Raspberry Pi - Python Based GPS System

    Did you consider AgopenGPS?
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    Podcast recommendations

    Other podcasts: Soil sense Agricology Nutrition farming podcast
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    Wide spacing cereal crops... pictures please

    Are you considering wide row spacings for future inter row sowing/weeding purposes? Have you considered band sowing at wide row spacings?
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    Raspberry Pi - Python Based GPS System

    I've spoken to this guy a few times. He's already running a similar setup. He might be able to give you some guidance.
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    Compaction meter?

    I use an Eijkelkamp Penetrologger ( for my fieldwork. It takes a reading every 10mm to 80mm soil depth, or until hit a stone! The digital screen is great for showing the resistance throughout the profile and...
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    Webinar: Tyres, Traction & Compaction

    Great Webinar. I will definitely be doing better research before buying next set of tyres. I know it's important to take tyre pressure when tyres are cold, but I wonder what correction factor the vario pressure systems use before reinflating for road use.
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    Baker boot

    Anyone find a supplier of 3 piece baker boots for s tines? Much difference in overall performance between using the angled s tines or the coil tines on duncan/aitchison? Either one better for not pulling up stones? S tines are cheaper to buy than coil tines anyway.
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    Complete disc assemblies available to buy?

    Willing to import but ideally within Europe - might get cost prohibitive importing from further away. What do you suggest? Have you some links for me to research?
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    Complete disc assemblies available to buy?

    What double disc assemblies are available for building my own no-till drill? Weaving have two types they sell. What about Bourgault or what other ones are available. Am handy at fabricating if was given some inspiration on how to make my own?
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    Self Built Central Tyre Inflation System

    Just curious if there was any conclusive verdict from this discussion? Did anyone prove the self build concept and make their own working system?
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    Ford 7740 sle drive problem

    Heard that happening to a friends before. Main dealer out good few times and couldn’t sort. Local ford mechanic sorted in 5mins. Was a little spring somewhere to do with clutch or a switch if remember right.
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    3 m Moore uni drill

    What are they like for trash clearance? Will they handle chopped straw on tall stubble or does it need to be pretty clean for them to work?