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    Massey Ferguson Tedders

    Has anybody got one of the new Massey TRC tedders with the hook tines, the new version of the lely Lotus.
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    Single rotor lift Would these do the trick
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    Single rotor lift

    Could run it off the indicators left for left only up and right for right only up
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    Single rotor lift

    A switch would be better as night time work would be confusing 🤔
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    Single rotor lift

    👍 but a 12 v one ( honest mistake)
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    Single rotor lift

    What sort of electric Hydraulic valve is used to give individual rotor lift on a Twin rotor rake, I know it can be double piped into 2 spools but would prefer a right-both-left toggle switch
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    Kuhn 6501 twin rotor rake

    Is any one using the 6501 rake for straw, I’ve a mounted 6501p version on demo and just wanting some feedback, it appears you have to put a 40 mm spacer in to lift the rotors up mor to clear the ground better in stubble.
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    Trimble gfx350

    Been quoted only a1000 e less for a 350 over a 750 with an ezpilot pro wheel motor
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    Agri buggy chemical storage.

    What weight could you tow behind an agribuggy
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    What's the best grease gun around ???

    I’ve also a Fuchs screw on gun, pity the Milwaukee didn’t take screw on cartridges.
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    What's the best grease gun around ???

    It makes it easier when you have to get out of bed in the middle of the night to do your “every 10 hour” greasing 🤭
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    What's the best grease gun around ???

    Milwaukee fuel here some job, lamma special
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    Tractor Isobus

    Is it possible to fit a joystick to a tractor factory fit isobus to operate the hydraulic functions to work an isobus sprayer boom with no machine control box.
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    Putting front weight on and off

    Before I got front links on the tractor I bought a massey block weight and lifted it on and off using a chain pulley lift from a roof truss , worked extreamly well and no sore backs
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    MF Dyna 6 ,3 gear problems

    It does but you can’t have forwards in 3 and reverse on 2 although you can on the 6715S

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