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    That’s probably correct
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    I might have got the wrong end of the stick but I think you only need the pa8 if you don’t have pa1&2, so if your guys are both doing the spraying I’m guessing they both have pa1&2 so they are fine, as someone has said, it only applies if it’s a mixed bowser, if just water and chemical in locker...
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    Slug Pellet throwing Distance

    My spladings speader has passed its tray test 7 out of the last 10 at 24m with Lynx H, only reason for the 3 unsuccessful years was wind, far to windy of test day, it needs to be still for 24m, if I can’t wait for a still day I go at 12m. 24m is at 3000rpm on the disc.
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    Vaderstad Rapid discs and coulters

    Been there done that, get them on stock order or out of season and your dealer should almost get down to the budget boys price, having fitted both I swore I’d never use non genuine again.
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    Good noise cancelling headphones

    I buckled and got the wife a set this xmas, Bose 35s II, £219 at curry’s, I’m told they are better than she had hoped for, so just over your budget but sound like they are worth it, judging by some other comments too.
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    Intelliview IV screen

    It’s a bit of a lottery but myself and my neighbour got one each off eBay, need to keep yours eyes on it obviously as they come and go. He did the double screen thing, I wanted one for a bolt on steering system, his wasn’t without it’s complications sadly
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    Rolling back silage pit sheets

    We use bales too, but we’re undercover too so the bales are well looked after, use plastic top and side sheet but cut it, I’ve done my time of rolling sheets and then finding rats or something have made a mess of them.
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    Lice in cattle

    Few of the cows and the bull had them few years back, used swish, seemed to do the job.
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    What’s this weed called

    I used to plough our covers year on year, the problem was always there, I’ve been strip till for a few years and it hasn’t improved or got worse, only places I’ve got rid of it are where I’ve moved the covers, not ideal at all but cleaned one up for a few years and one other is still clean...
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    What’s this weed called

    Any tips on controlling barnyard grass please, in wild bird covers, used pendimethalin pre em this year with little to no effect
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    Name me a good new radio for tractor

    This came with great reviews but I wish I’d left the old unit in, that’s now in the combine.
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    Spreading cover crop mix

    I put oats through my krm this autumn, it was all a bit of a rush job with a promise of rain (it never came!!) didn’t test it and just assumed it wouldn’t do 24 and set off at 12m, it came up nice and even once it eventually rained.
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    Name me a good new radio for tractor

    Not sure about recommending one but this one has been nothing but trouble, have to disconnect from battery every now and then as it freezes, more often than not it get stuck on a station name in dab, it changes the station but the names the same, very annoying!
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    Thank a farmer

    No you’re not alone :facepalm:
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    Planning Applications, PD and the like (General Chat)

    Many thanks for the info, merry Christmas to you.

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