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    Pickup storage solutions

    Anyone have a neat setup for storage in their pickup? I see there are companies in the US kitting out trucks but there doesn't seem to be much in Ireland or the UK. The bedslide looks like a handy idea, especially for making use of covered pickups I rarely see setups like this.
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    Manitou MT625

    Would the hydrostatic be good enough to drive up a silage pit with lorry tyres when covering a pit? We currently have a 530-70 construction spec but I liked the size of a 625 I saw recently. Someone mentioned that a JCB headstock can't be fitted to these, surely there is someone manufacturing...
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    How do I tell whether a tractor is autosteer ready?

    What would be required and how much roughly would it cost to get a 6630 up to full autotrac with new or 2nd hand gear? Is this technology getting much cheaper?
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    Hydraulic oil change John Deere 6620 year 2005

    No, it's only done 3500hrs. Probably better off get them done. It's hard convince the "bosses" but filings in the hydraulics might just frighten them into it.
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    Hydraulic oil change John Deere 6620 year 2005

    3-4 pinchfulls I'd say
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    Hydraulic oil change John Deere 6620 year 2005

    There were filings on the magnet of the screw for dropping the oil from the mfwd. should I be worried or is that a normal find?
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    Hydraulic oil change John Deere 6620 year 2005

    Bottom one to the side of the puh doesn’t come out... do I remove the two either side of the puh?
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    Hydraulic oil change John Deere 6620 year 2005

    From the manual on a 6630 there is just 2 drain plugs and then one for the additional oil reserve? Is that correct, Thanks
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    Slitters / Aerators

    Does anyone have any links to studies/research on the benefits? The only benefit I could find last time I looked was reduced slurry runoff...
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    john deere 6630 poor brakes

    Change the oil and check for filings? :ROFLMAO:
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    john deere 6630 poor brakes

    Sounds like a job for the mechanic, we're more vice grips and lump hammer men... When you say press the pistons back in would that be obvious to a general mechanic or is it something specific to jds that he'd need to be warned about? Thanks lads, appreciate the replies (y) I'd be nervous...
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    john deere 6630 poor brakes

    Think I know what you mean on the oil in circuit, used to happen on another 30 series I used to drive for a moment every now and then when you'd press the brakes. I'd describe it as more a grinding squawking noise coming from the backend. Loudish when I had to stop with a trailer with poorly...
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    john deere 6630 poor brakes

    The brakes on our 6630 seem poor. We recently bought it and it was well minded by the previous owner and given a full main dealer service at 2200hrs supposedly. There's only 2700 hrs on it so I'd doubt they're worn. The brakes seem very "dead" when there's nothing behind it. Only seems to brake...
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    Irish contractors difficulties in finding workers. same article every year, just click baiting really...
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    Speccing a new grain trailer

    NC make a mighty fine trailer, spent the summer on a 24ft and it pulled lovely. Nobody seems to have anything bad to say about any trailers? I thought larringtons aren't the steadiest and the brakes on HM trailers are fair poor...

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