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    Fixing rubber matting

    We use stainless steel split drive anchors and a washer.
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    Skid steers

    We are massive fans of skid steers now being on our 3rd at home and use them a hell of a lot for our civils contracting as well. We have a New Holland LS185 at home and its a phenomenal machine, will out run just about any other machine in a tight yard. It will rip up loose stone but...
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    McCulloch Calf Resuscitator

    +1 : I bought one of these after reading this thread a few weeks ago hoping never to need it, well yesterday we had a terrible calving, calf's tongue had swollen extremely large and despite our efforts the calf couldn't get the glug by its own tongue, i kid you not a couple of pulls and it was...
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    quick fixes, bodges and creations

    Thanks , Yea twos just too wide for the adjacent feed passage and when the hurdles are only connected by the pins they get pushed in and out easily
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    quick fixes, bodges and creations

    Firstly apologies as I know I am breaking the first and most sacred rule of TFF and be assured I will fully repent over the forthcoming calving & gate tying season. The first rule of course being “suggesting there is a better solution than baler twine too any problem!”. Each year we build...
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    What’s the oldest breeding cow you have on your farm?

    Unfortunately no longer on farm, however we had an Angus that was 28 year old when we eventually had to put her down. Calved down each year without issue and you couldn't pick out her calf at weaning time. 9 of her daughters in our breeding herd so she lives on !. Still a long way off the record...
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    Bull pens/calving pens

    You'll not regret bull pens / calving pens!. We have permanent bull pens split between a straw bedded layback and a feed passage area which we scrape clean, its also good being able to give the bulls a bespoke ration and a bit of attention individually. We have gates to allow us to lock the...
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    Where Ayrshire / Glasgow galvanised corrugated .

    Cladco in Rutherglen, usually get us out of a jam.
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    Setting resin fixing bolts.

    We use resin anchors a hell of a lot, Hilti HY270 is my go to for just about all things. The mixing nozzles are a work of art !. Hole size is not critical but too small and there's not enough contact area with the resin. We usually float about 10mm to 20mm greater diameter than anchor being...
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    Ring worm I found this over the weekend when the OH swore she'd read about it, I of course scoffed at her as Ringworm is fungal...…:scratchhead:
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    Ring worm

    Our stores have been hit very hard this year with ringworm , we haven't had any in over 10 years so a very naïve herd. A dozen of our neighbours calves got out one night in the back end, they got shoved into our field of 100 stores to get them off the road. I hate the stuff and want to contain...
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    quick fixes, bodges and creations

    Pinched the idea from somewhere : After looking out for a mini scraper tractor for a while, the money being asked for was rich for what was on offer, managed to pick this up off an online disposal auction and used the rubber from our snow plough that we replaced a few years ago (I knew I'd kept...
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    Shed Builders

    We use either Vetech Concrete or Boab Perrie of A L Perrie
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    Slurry pipe falls

    Are you putting a sluice on the scrape tank to then release the 6000 gallon into the pipe ?. The pressure of the slurry when first released would be wild but I think towards the end of the tank you may end up with material sitting and drying in the level pipework which would need flushed. A...
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    Grazing clover.

    If your bales were anything like that crop just now, they'll be rocket fuel !. How did you manage that re-seed in the spring and between crops ?.