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    Transporting scrap

    Probs get shouted at on here for this.. But We get on well with the local traveller lads and they always pay fairly so all our scrap leaves on a transit van 😂 But if I was taking it myself be a silage trailer no one can see in anyway
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    Transporting scrap

    I go to the shops in my tractor
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    Transporting scrap

    Silage trailer with solid back door can do what you want if no one can see in
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    JD 7810 = £66,500 + 5% commission

    And they could sell it and something go wrong with it in its first few weeks of work which they’ll be expected to fix
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    Polaris ranger diesel

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    Pick the stones before the grass grows
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    Local Crime Waves

    Appleby fair in a few weeks bike thefts always go up in the weeks beforehand round here
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    Polaris ranger diesel

    Have a go in the petrol one it’s rapid 😂
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    What the hell you mowing to get threw mowers like that on only 120acre a year
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    40th party ideas

    Cocaine and hookers
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    Ineos Grenadier

    It’s 2022 why spend over 50k on something that already looks outdated
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    Jarmet 5ft Muck Grab

    Check it doesn’t come with cheap pipes and that the times are sleeved into the box so they actually stay tight my new skidsteer came with a unbranded grab and the pipes burst for fun so upgraded them and the tines won’t stay tight 🙄🙄🙄
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    Slimming down heifer

    Any accidental calfs out of fat pens are normally small and calf easy 🙈
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    Gatepost ideas

    mini diggers are really cheap to hire and free if your neighbour has one
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    Twose roller bearings

    Cover it in grease and sell it again