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    Tractor on Motorway cops tonight Channel 5

    I do but we don’t talk about sheeting trailers in the pubs and clubs round here
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    Tractor on Motorway cops tonight Channel 5

    The only place I have heard loads like that need netted is on this forum
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    Log splitter options

    Best one I’ve used has a foot pedal to work the ram up and down but is a homemade thing
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    Log splitter options

    Wants a steel table made for under the splitter so you can spin the log round without it falling off
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    Stolen equipment may not be far away

    Worst part is they will of definitely been stolen by another farmer
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    Selling Hay?

    Keep it until next year might be worth a fortune if no one can afford fert
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    Whether slurry pump belongs to agricultural machinery

    And about to steal his neighbours slurry pumps
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    What can and cannot run on red diesel from March 1. 2021

    Who’s gonna check a Jag
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    Discovery sports

    Also a NFU discount for approved used land rover if your not buying new
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    Guess the offence

    So he needs a near identical scrap van at home put on farm exemption so he can swap the plates onto the good one when it goes on the trailer
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    Guess the offence

    He forgot to sheet the van
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    Buy a big pig.

    Doesn’t need to say it with a shotgun
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    Ad Blue buying options

    Remap the tractor delete the addblue and have more power at the same time
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    Best battery you can buy for electric fences

    So Some old granny gets a new battery she doesn’t need when lad in the workshop wants some beer tokens? :LOL: :LOL: