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    Poor Broadband?

    Our local council told me aout this in their Business Newsletter: Might be of interest to some!
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    Bad debt

    As some have said already, Thomas Higgins. All done on line, cheap and very effective. Last time I logged on a little note popped up to tell me they had recalimed about £45,000 so far for me! They even got a CCJ against Kirk environmental just before they went bust. I cannot praise them highly...
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    Things that would improve farm safety ?

    I haven't the patience to read all the way through this. I am a lot older than many, but I wonder if @Clive remembers when a milk float used to deliver off the A38 around Burton. He had a lot of bottle, but stopped after the second rear end collision.
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    Things that would improve farm safety ?

    Correct. I remember when we started using cherry pickers. We though they would add cost. In fact, because you have everything with you in the basket, they make the job easier and quicker, as well as as safer, so there is no increased cost. If a customer expects me to cut corners, I have a stock...
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    Scaffold pole suppliers . Looking for recommendations

    You don’t need certified scaffold poles for scaffolding, they will be a great deal cheaper.
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    Food processing wastewater >>> irrigation?

    I don’t think a Rotorflush pump would deliver enough pressure for anything other than a very simple irrigator. A rotary one which winches itself along would need a progressive cavity type.
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    Food processing wastewater >>> irrigation?

    I think that if you are going to be doing this absolutely property, you must take account of the wash down chemicals you will be using. Some will be strong acids or alkalis. The good news is, I believe if you spread it regularly through, for example, a Briggs irrigator, and rotate spreading...
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    Slurry storage

    The EA approve them for digestate. Much stronger than you would think. They usually have a floating cover, as in the pic. My costs are out of date, so limited value. I only supply roof-ready stores now, due to the impending legislation. I fear that those who have tried to economise by buying...
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    Roofing bolts.

    Think you will find that hook bolts don’t hook on to the lip on concrete purlins. You have to open the hook out a bit.
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    recommendations for supplier of shipping container chem store

    I don ‘t sell Expandastuff anymore, but now have a better alternative. PM me if you are still interested.
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    Buildabin/EB bin

    Why skimp? It wouldn’t be the first bingo fall over and kill the feed lorry driver filling it. Admittedly, the most widely known incident was failure of a leg on an old bin. But why even think of risking somebody else’s life for a few quid?
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    Slurry store Emptying service

    There are a couple of recent examples on my facebook page, Mick Moor Installations. 17th March and 28th May.
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    Which cherrypicker?

    I have always hired, would never buy one. That way you should always get one suitable for the job. Most good companies send a rep out to talk about your needs and assess the best machine. Apart from all the other costs like testing, you will have to transport it from site to site. Many low...
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    Permastore tanks

    You are correct to say that who puts it up is as important as what it is. I would be the first to admit that we have vastly improved our techniques over the years, by seeing what has failed. I would always be wary of a concrete tank; if concrete wasn't porous, you wouldn't need to put a damp...