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    Grass stolen

    Mate of mine as a placement student had the farm manager ask him why he was just pulling into that field with the combine when it’s not ours? Answer - Really? I’ve been spraying and fertilising it all season…. Sometimes it happens.
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    Telehandler tilt

    Think there was a pin you inserted near the joystick to disable it on earlier JCBs
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    Terpal question.

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    Terpal question.

    Keep Starane away from the emerging ear. Safe (although not legal) after flowering
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    Too late for mayweed tidy up?

    Mayweed is one of the best weeds at shaking off herbicide in dry / stressy conditions, if it’s still dry with you I wouldn’t bother chasing it.
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    Terpal question.

    Ears completely out, or boots split? The legal stance: The label cut off has passed. The science: Terpal applied to the ear if the boot has split could stop ear emergence. Practically: I’ve done it at 0.7 rate and not had a problem after a call with the then BASF area rep who said it would be...
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    Residential Neighbour spraying weed killer into field

    That’s why I said hemp, not pot. No charges to answer, but when the rozzers knock on his door and ask if it’s his greenhouse, he’ll swiftly deny all knowledge of it. OP can then remove it.
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    Residential Neighbour spraying weed killer into field

    Get hold of a load of hemp plants, put them in grow bags, fill the geeenhouse and call the police.
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    Fulvic acid to reduce chemical rates

    Fulvic will wind the herbicide into the plant better, however I’d be wary of reducing rates with regard to fuelling resistance. This year with the dry conditions, weeds are more likely to shake off herbicides off anyway so fulvic will help, but wouldn’t be reducing rates below the norm.
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    Russia are turning off the gas to Poland and Bulgaria tomorrow.
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    CTL testing

    Asking for a friend by any chance?
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    Agro vital efficie N t28

    You can spray it onto a wet leaf as long as it doesn’t roll off and as long as the leaf then dries before a rain.
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    Situation Vacant Harvest staff wanted, Hertfordshire

    Great Munden Farm require harvest staff for mainly corn cart and cultivations on our 2000 acre, all arable farm in East Hertfordshire. We run a New Holland CR9.90 combine and modern John Deere tractors. Good accommodation is provided as part of the job. Good rates of pay for the right...
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    Usage and interest in drones within farming

    There will be very few products which have for Ariel application listed on the product label.