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    Teagle muck spreader

    We tried one and then bought a bunning
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    Oil Analysis

    Our local Claas dealer did a couple of tractors for us and they used finnings
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    Vaderstad 3 meter drill

    The agrila tines just seem to drag through the stones when we had a disc one they sometimes jammed the discs
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    Vaderstad 3 meter drill

    I really need Agrila our land is really rocky thankyou for your reply
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    Vaderstad 3 meter drill

    i would prefer it with agrila tines but discs would be ok
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    Jcb Fastrac 2135

    Jcb front linkage wanted for a year 2000 2135
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    JCB TM310s misfiring/injector issues

    We had moisture in the trunking to the plug just cleaned with contact cleaner
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    JCB TM310s misfiring/injector issues

    Check the big plugs on side of the engine water can get inside the plug we had the same and that was the cause
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    Bulk blower trailer

    Tractor towed bulk blower trailer with pipes wanted
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    Gator diff

    Sounds like wheel hub splines worn
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    Stripper header

    Any width will do
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    Pottinger Europrofi 4000/4500

    It is 08 it's done 5000 loads it has brand new knives it has an additive tank on and it is ready to work we are looking for £26000 Ono
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    Stripper header

    Has anybody got a stripper header for sale
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    Pottinger Europrofi 4000/4500

    We have a torro 5100 for sale on wide tyres

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