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    It's not working at all on Android either.
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    Cost to build a house

    You don't pay CIL on a self build.
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    Cost to build a house

    Don't get hung up on fancy build methods, they all cost similar in the end unless you are going for something specific like extreme airtightness or DIY. They aren't as quick as you'd think because the availability isn't there. If you want to build in block you ring Jewsons and they deliver by...
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    Mounted or trailed

    We have a mounted teagle. It suits us as we have to reverse into some of our sheds over the muck. We have it on an old 3125 with a set of weights, it does blow well on 1000 shaft... A trailed machine would have higher sides so we would have less straw bubbling over.
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    Cost to build a house

    You have to pay again when they make you pull it down! We have built a big 4 bed, high spec for about 400k. Worth about 750k. All services very close, electric was 2600, gas 600, water was 1400 for 4 foot of pipe. Thieving barstewards.
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    Contractor dumps 40ft header

    Keep up, they do a 540, or 17.9 foot.
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    Contractor dumps 40ft header

    18 foot...
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    Farming funerals

    Grandad went on a old Weeks trailer. He always said that people made too much fuss and t'old cart would do for him. He'd been Church Warden for a couple of decades and had carried coffins in his younger days so he knew what he wanted, or rather didn't.
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    Turning 4m combi drill to 3m?

    Doesn't Andrew Guest cut down 4m power harrows to make 3m?
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    Female Vets

    The boss at our vets is female, and has become a friend. She is excellent and always who we ask for unless it is a surgical matter in which case she tells me her foreign colleague is better! She tells me she doesn't want children so I see a long and glorious career for her...the last female at...
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    Small 4WD combine

    Our local dealer sold two combines, same model to two neighbours. One on tracks, one with 4wd. At the end of the season the one with 4wd went to help out the tracked machine... I remember one wet year I was baling on a sunday at our neighbour's, he'd had a tracked machine in as he was concerned...
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    Log splitter

    I got a hycrack type a few years ago. It makes a hydraulic one look like a toy, the output is double anything with a ram. You just need to use basic common sense, just the same as all these one handed modified ram splitters.
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    Contractor dumps 40ft header

    Two farms/contractors here that could run big combines but don't. Small fields and customers who couldn't cope with the output of a big machine. We have very localised weather so they often have one machine rained off and another working. Horses for courses.
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    Small garden chipper for chemical containers.

    Builders bags are the way forward, 25L cans wedge in nicely on a 4x4 pattern.
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    Whats left to cut

    20%, wheat and spring beans, they need spraying first...

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