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    grease guns for a dairy farmer

    The XPG01 had been announced, no release date yet. 10000psi, two speed.
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    isuzu d max service surprise

    Nonsense. A "service" is whatever they want it to be. You can always ask what is included, and add other things if you believe you know better. After all, your brothers mate knew someone who went round the factory once so you know better than the manufacturer. If the OP had the light coming...
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    isuzu d max service surprise

    Absolutely right, first thing I do with a new vehicle is burn the service book. What the hell do these multibillion pound companies know about building vehicles that some bloke off the interwebs can't tell me. Who needs million pound testing programmes when I could ask someone in the digital pub?
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    6 furrow mounted plough

    Surely with a semi mount you can run your tyres at lower pressure because you aren't lifting the whole plough?
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    Dualing a single axle muck spreader

    Our contractors used 650/85R32 for a while, they've gone back to 580/70R38 because the axles kept falling off. They were worked very hard though.
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    NH T7.210 auto command.

    Love ours, its had a new gearbox at low hours, not the vario bit though. Make sure you spec 1000eco.
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    Lamma 2020

    No chance of them pestering you afterwards either!
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    Sulky compact drill.

    We went from a Tramline CE in a Kuhn hung on the A frame. Now on a Xeos Pro which has the drill on the packer, it's much better, the drill depth is set properly and the power harrow set independently. The drawings for the kit are available online and I'm sure someone half useful in the workshop...
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    how to unblock a 2 ft wide culvert pipe?

    Our drainage board use an old tyre just smaller than the pipe and pull it through. Obviously you need to get a rope through first. Slurry tanker full of water may help.
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    Lamma 2020

    A kind offer but I'll pass, especially if the stands are as big as shown, not much point when there'll be more kit at YAMS, sensibly priced food and the dealers that I will actually use. Not bothered about indoors, I'd be outside at work so why fuss about being outside at a show?
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    Lamma 2020

    Can't buy it if you can't see it.
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    Lamma 2020

    I must I hadn't looked this year, last year you couldn't get there before 11 which was a waste of time. Maybe next year.
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    Lamma 2020

    Where's the rest of it? I've got nearly that much kit in my yard?
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    Lamma 2020

    Nope, too far to drive there and back in the day and can't get there at sensible time on the train so it makes it a two day trip. I'll stick to YAMS.
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    I sit corrected! Frightening.

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