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    Calf in pickup

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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    So long as we are in lock down and people eat at home rather than in bars, pubs, restaurants and sandwich bars the job will be good. Almost all meat sold in UK supermarkets is home sourced, while a fair proportion of catering meat will have been imported. Even at current prices you can buy the...
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    Jeremy Clarkson "Farming 20-12-2020 " Sunday Times Magazine

    It may the easiest way for him to get a seat in the House of Lords!
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    Looks good, in this colour

    Cowsh*t green? Ideal for the untidy dairy farmer!
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    Lely Acrobat. good working order

    For sale. Acrobat in fair condition for age. I renovated it a few years back to use on some very light conservation grassland. It worked a treat but I only needed to mow it for 3 years so it has been sat around since. Missing half a dozen tines. Bearings all good. No cracks in frame or...
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    Lawrence Edwards wrapper round bale pick-up cradle

    Ideal if yours has broken or you are building a bale chaser. In good straight order complete with pins and correct ram if required. £250 collected from near Abergavenny
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    How are people disposing of old engine oil?

    Took mine down to the recycling centre yesterday. Not too much (2 dumpy bags very full and well packed and all dry), plus a bag of cement and feed sacks and a load of fertilizer sacks. Weighed me in and out. 200 kilos of plastic so £40
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    How are people disposing of old engine oil?

    I used to run an old Sambron loader with a Deutz 3 cylinder engine that would "drink" a couple of litres of old oil each and every week and never needed an oil change :p Quite a lot of my old oil went that way!
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    How many ewes in a 10ft trailer with decks

    I have a 10 x 5 single deck trailer and it is a tight, but not desperately so, fit with 16 ewes (60-70kgs) or 20 fat lambs (45 kgs). So twice that number if twin decked. Weight should be OK on a 3.5 tonne trailer.
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    How are people disposing of old engine oil?

    I am running out of 25 litre containers! There is probably 20 of them around the place, possibly 15 years worth! I have given up trying to take 5 litres at a time to the recycling centre. Surely there is an easier way of getting shot of it. It is not like it can't be recycled is it? I have...
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    Fuel price tracker

    1200 l red today 42.9ppl 1000 l kero 27.5ppl Monmouthshire
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Well my experience in Market today just makes me realise why I prefer to sell on the hook. Won't make that mistake again.
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    I have some shapely TXX culls and some heavy ram lambs into Raglan tomorrow and a load of 45kg ram lambs going into Merthyr on Thursday. So any uplift will be welcome. I will let you all know how I get on.
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    EID reader for sheep.

    I have an agrident APR500 (older APR600?) and if you get a duplicate in task mode it tells you and won't let you do anything more until you tell it to cancel the reading or to accept the reading. If you are in speed mode (say you have 20 lambs in a pen and want all their numbers) then you just...