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    Lathe, mills, drills, slotters, shapers and grinders (not angle grinders)

    Loading no problem have a teleporter Why is he worried about loading if the has a teleporter just teleport it over to you
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    Dreaming about lathes / mills

    Nice Drill How much would it weight?
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    eBay question

    If you have there address & VAT number of the seller you can make up your own invoice
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    Field wanted any condition

    Welcome Location would help
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    Flowfit pipes

    I have had some pipe made up by them Not had any problems & they look smart
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    Workshop door lock

    Solour panel & battery should cope with some lights
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    Hay and Straw for sale and Wanted open to all

    Spring Barley Straw conventional bales approx 800 Could deliver locally 100 bale max on a load located B96 Worcestershire Jonathan 07976600543
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    Not Quite Farm Engineering or a Quick Bodge.

    Thats one hell of a walkway you could drive a tractor over that
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    12m Cambridge rolls

    Love mine & managed to get them to repaint
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    Hammer mill ( Christy & Norris Essex Major )

    looking for Essex Major Mill
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    Jcb 814 hydraulic pump repair

    These people are very good with the older JCBs
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    Pig / Calf / Lamb Feeders

    I will have the 8 Don't now whether to collect in person or get them sent on a pallet. Would they fit on one pallet? Jonathan
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    Pig / Calf / Lamb Feeders

    Redditch worcs.

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