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    Maize spray costings

    Near holmes Chapel
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    Maize spray costings

    Yes,agree,bit late going on with ours
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    Maize spray costings

    Interested to hear other people's costings
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    Early harvest

    Not a good look
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    Watch you dont rip your buttocks to shreds out there
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    why cant we stand together??? Shocking waste of a hard earned product..not a dairy farmer myself but can't understand why this is allowed to happen in this day and age,surely its time to say enough is enough?
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    Hot tubs

    It's not something I do after I have a bath Steevo? Anyway,well worth it if anyone is considering one,has increased my bookings by about 30%
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    Hot tubs

    It's no different than a bath,heated with logs
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    Hot tubs

    Why do I need to add chlorine when it's getting emptied every couple of days??
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    Hot tubs

    This is the one I have for my glamping pods,wood fired,empty after each guest,fill up out of water tank,takes about 10mins,no chemicals needed,£2500
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    Patching up winter barley

    Cant even walk on the fields here!!
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    Dismantling a grainstore

    There are 6 round bins(23 ton)with centre funnel,5 square bins but will have to leave outside as it's the side of the shed,would make up 3 square (35 ton)
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    Dismantling a grainstore

    Just wondering if anyone has any contacts in the cheshire area,want to remove my grain bins etc to use building for something else,either someone who wants the bins or who could remove it all at a reasonable cost
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    Freezer for a steer

    I'm just packing up selling my own beef,will have a couple for sale
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    Mains toilet

    Now sold

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