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    Which lagoon cover is best?

    Totally agree but will they pass ammonia regulations when they eventually come in?
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    Strategies for controlling docks.

    A mixed grazing plan, reduced nitrogen, a close sward. Don't see many docks on a sheep/beef farm but most dairy farms are just pickled in them. If that don't work just get dock blindness and describe them as a large leafy plant with good fiber levels which is drought tolerant and brings up...
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    Single variety grass ley

    Anyone using just a single variety grass mixed with a clover blend in a ley? What's the pros and cons, price point, disease? Looking for a 3-5 year ley used mostly for 3-4 cuts on heavyish land. Any advice?
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    Amazon green drill

    Anyone got any experience or views on using a amazon green drill on the back of there power harrows. How will does it work for grass seed and did anyone change there packer roller to more of a ring roller instead. Thanks in advance ?
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    The Fencing Picture Thread

    1.2meter sides. So 4.8 meters all the way around
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    The Fencing Picture Thread

    Have got some tree guards to fix up. Spec is 4posts to make a square, netting, two strands of barb then two lines on rails. Has anyone got any idea or tips on putting these up. What's the best wire to use X net??. Also to get the wire nice and tight are gripples going to be the best bet...
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    Lamma 2020

    On route home now good show with lots of big fancy kit. Was it me or was the floor really slippery every except on the carpet. But disappointed not to see John Deere, Case ih and New Holland. I'm guessing the price of the pitch outweighs the benifit
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    So it's moved up a little, any ideas on ABP or dawn meats?
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Any idea on dead weight prices for cattle is week and next?
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    Pasture for life

    It would just be interesting to know how everyone if doing 100% pasture feed beef, lamb i can see is easyish, beef out of a native bred suckler also easyish,. It's just the dairy side that would be interesting to to know about even native breeds from dairy such as Hereford and Angus would...
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    Pasture for life

    This is something that has interested me but on the dairy side of things, how are people rearing calf's with good DLWG without concentrates
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    New tractor issue

    Another thing. The tractor is now registered as a 68 plate but if I don't get this tractor untill march 1st would I have lost much as it could have gone down as a 19 plate tractor
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    New tractor issue

    Agreed to part ex our old tractor for a brand new tractor in late August. Delivery of new tractor was going to be early to mid Jan. Get a phonecall just after new year to say tractor is in dealer yard, great get finances as signed up and insurance sorted ready for delivery asap. But we do have...
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    Lagoon cover

    Put two or more pipes in the pit and recirculate the slurry with an umbilical pump just under the cover
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    Lagoon angle

    Yep clay here. And plenty of it!